Sunday, May 5, 2013

Happy 5th of May!

On Thursday, I joked that every day in May might have a theme.  While I was just being funny at the sure has turned out that way so far.  We've had May Day, National Day of Prayer, Happy Family Day/Just For Fun Friday, National Scrapbook Day (plus Star Wars "May the Fourth Be with You" Day), and today is Cinco de Mayo (yes...the 5th of May). 

Hmmm...maybe every day will be special in May.  I wonder what tomorrow will bring?

While we are not big drinkers in our family, (What? That surprised you?) Hubby and I are pretty big fans of Mexican food.  We spent several of our married years living in the Southwest and we do so enjoy the delicious food of that region. 

So what better excuse than Cinco de Mayo to delight in yummy goodness at our favorite little Mexican restaurant?  First, Hubby, our Engineer, and I attended church this morning, and then after a wonderful time of worship, we celebrated Cinco de Mayo with a Mexican feast.

Since I didn't blog yesterday, let me catch you up on what I've done these past two days with my May Quests.

Pray for Someone
Yesterday I spent the day in prayer for a young woman and her little one year old baby girl.  They recently lost the most precious man in their lives: the woman's husband and the baby's father.  While I don't know them personally, my heart breaks for them.  Without warning their lives have changed dramatically and will never be the same again.

I have to admit...the sadness for this young mother has hung heavy on my heart.  As I walked on the treadmill yesterday, I struggled to find the words to pray.   It was one of those times, when at a loss, I just softly asked God to be with them.  He knows much better than I what their needs are now..and in the future. 

So I just kept asking God to be with them.  And I know He will be with them because in Psalm 68:5 we are comforted with these words:
"A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows,
is God in his holy dwelling."

I will continue to pray for this young family as I am sure they will be in need of more prayers in the days to come.

Today, I prayed for a friend that I have mentioned before, Faithful Warrior.  I pray for her every day, but today, I spent the day really focusing on her and all that she is going through right now.  She is one of my friends with breast cancer and she has had a very difficult fight.

This is her second bout with breast cancer.  She recently finished an incredibly difficult treatment plan, and then had to go right into another one.  I asked God to be with her today and throughout the days ahead as she completes this next round of chemotherapy.  Today I spent time in prayer for my friend.

Do A Good Deed
Recently we got a phone call from someone letting us know of a financial need.  Hubby and I discussed it and decided it was a worthy need and helped out with a donation.  While we do know people associated with this need that might benefit from our donation, we decided to give because we believe in this group of people.  We believe in their sincerity.  We believe in their mission and their goals. 

Today, I reached out to Someone I know.  I just sent a little note letting her know she was not forgotten or alone.  It was just a little something good I could do to help Someone else going through a tough time.

These Quests this month help me keep my focus on God and the good that I might bring to this world each day.  If you or Someone you know has a prayer need, please contact me.  I will be happy to focus on your concerns and spend time in prayer with God.


  1. You have so inspired me to pray more - to encourage more. I know so many families going through so many health issues right now. So many times I can't find the words - I just tell the Lord He knows what's in my heart and what these families need. You've been an inspiration Friend!

  2. Thank you dear friend for the sweet words. I am working to make positive changes in my life this year and this Quest has certainly blessed me in that area for sure! I'm so glad it has been inspiring to you!


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