Saturday, May 11, 2013

Butter Pecan Ice Cream...and Prayer

Tonight Mom and Dad came to visit the Engineer, Hubby, and me.  I got to make dinner for them and then surprise mom with her favorite ice cream, Butter Pecan.  We picked it up from a local restaurant that makes their own ice cream and it was so yummy.

It was so relaxing to sit around the kitchen table...talking....laughing...and enjoying some time (and ice cream) together.  I am blessed with two wonderful parents.  They love God...each siblings...and me.  Even as an adult in my forties, I have such a feeling of love, comfort, and security when I am with them.  Yes...I truly feel blessed.

Any time I get to spend with my parents is special, because for most of my adult life, I have lived far far away from them.  I haven't always had the opportunity to spend special Mother's Day with them.  I cherished our time together tonight.  I do not take it for granted, that's for sure!

Later in the evening, we Facetimed with our Scientist.  He's still away at school for a few more weeks, and I miss him very much.  I am getting anxious to have him home for a while this summer. 

This will also be our first Mother's Day apart since he was born.  As Hubby was a good 20 year run.  Thankfully we live in a time of amazing technology and even though he will be many many miles away...I will get to see his face tomorrow.  Yes...I truly feel blessed.

That thankful feeling for the blessings in my life has been quite evident these past few days as I worked on my May Quests.

Pray for Someone
Yesterday...oh Someones were a mom, dad, and brother.  They are the only ones left of their family after a horrible house fire that took the lives of the four other children in their family.  It is a heartbreaking story and has been on my heart since Mom called early Friday morning. 

With tears in her voice, she asked me to pray for this family.  And I did all day yesterday...and truly all day again today.  I also prayed for the extended family, the first responders, the friends, and the teachers.  My heart goes out to this family more than I can express in words...I just pray for them.

Today, I prayed for a child that is very ill and in the hospital.  One of my dear friends is her teacher, and when she asked for prayer for this cute little gal, I knew she would be my Someone today.  I pray for God's healing hand on her.  I pray for her doctors to figure out how to help her parents manage her health.  I pray for relief from her pain and discomfort.  I ask Jesus to sit with her and hold her hand...

Do A Good Deed
Yesterday, our Engineer and I got a last minute request to meet friends for lunch.  I don't know if this truly counts as a good deed, because it was a huge blessing to me...but I shifted plans and said yes. 

These friends will be moving on to a new job, home, and life soon.  I know our face to face time is precious and I was so happy to take a little time out of my schedule to meet with my sweet friend and her beautiful daughter. 

Today was the Letter Carriers' Food Drive.  This morning, I went into our pantry and filled the blue bag I found in my mailbox a few days ago.  We left the bag full of yummy goodies by our mailbox.  It's such a heartache that so many people are in need of food in our country, and I thank all of the Letter Carriers who worked even harder today collecting for the food drive.

Tonight...I ask you to join me in prayer for a dad, mom, and young son whose lives have changed dramatically in a very short amount of time.  And as always..if you have a request you would like me to pray about, just contact me.

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