Monday, May 13, 2013

A Mother's Love ~ No. Matter. What.

Now that another Mother's Day has come and gone, I have a few minutes to share with you my May Quests for the past two days. 

Pray for Someone
Sunday, I spent the day in prayer for Mom.  She is such a huge blessing in my life.  She is fun, loving, happy, encouraging, nosy, funny, prayerful, faithful, talented, caring, crazy, thoughtful, helpful, giving, understanding, smart, involved, stylish, musical, and a wonderful grandma.

And really...those are just some of her fantastic qualities.

I know without a doubt that Mom is there for me.  She is my best cheerleader.  She always supports me.  She loves me unconditionally, and she has been a shining example to me on how to truly love my children.  No. Matter. What. 

My siblings and I are prayed for and loved over every day. Every. Single. Day.  I am more grateful than these mere words can fully express.  I love Mom dearly and yesterday, Mother's Day, I spent the day in thankfulness for Mom.

And even if she doesn't get on the computer to read's okay. I love her so much anyway!

Today my Someones are a little tiny baby and his family.  This four month old child is in the hospital undergoing major heart surgery tomorrow.  He has been living with health problems since birth.  His amazing parents have been so careful and have taken such wonderful care of him to get him to this point.  My prayers are with him and his family as they go through this very scary and amazing time. 

Do A Good Deed
Yesterday I worked on helping our Engineer with some paperwork that he needed to complete.  While he did work on most of it, he asked me to help him finish it up, and I was happy to give him a helping hand.

Today, interestingly enough, I got an email from our Scientist's school.  He needed to complete some paperwork for next semester.  So, knowing he is busy with a short semester class, I took care of the paperwork for him without him even having to ask. 

Both tasks took a small amount of my time, but helped each of my boys in a big way.  While I am excited to see them grow up and take on more responsibility for their own lives, I'm still happy to help them from time to time. 

After all...Mom still helps me out from time to time.  Yes, I've been taught well. 

Whether it's a grandma mom supporting her grown children...or a young mother caring for her tiny ill baby...or a momma trying to help her high school and college kids ease into adulthood, it's not just our's our love...a mother's help our children.  No. Matter. What.


  1. Well, once again I read through tears your posting, but they're happy and blessed tears. thank you daughter. I appreciate your kind words, as I (Opps) on the first post LOL try to live up to them. :)

  2. Sweet!!! Tea queen


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