Tuesday, April 2, 2013

When It's Least Expected...

I'm feeling thankful today.  Humbled.  Touched.  And it's all because of my April Quests.  And I'm only on Day 2.  Wow God....

Encourage Someone
First of all...I have to admit, I did not get my Encourage note written last night.  I wasn't feeling the best.  I was very tired, so shortly after posting my blog, I went to bed.  However, I did have the card and person picked out.  This afternoon, I sat down, penned yesterday's note, and wrote the one for today as well.  They will both go out in the mail tomorrow.

After that, I made a list of the prayer requests I have gotten so far and chose a date for each of them on my calendar.  While I was at it, I added a few names I plan to pray for when I don't have a request.  Then, I made a list of those I want to encourage at some point as well. 

I like the idea of having my two Someones picked out the night before.  Then, when I wake up each day, I can start the day off with prayer for the one Someone and an idea of how I will encourage the other Someone.

Pray for Someone
I have spent time in prayer throughout the day for a sweet young lady I know. Like yesterday, a person in her life that loves her, asked me to pray for her. Again, I was very happy to do so. This request was made by a dear friend and while we were discussing her prayer request for her Someone, I shared a concern I had as well.

That's when she offered me a deal. She asked me to prayer for her Someone today and she would pray for my concern. Well...I wasn't expecting that, but of course, I made the deal!

Throughout the day, I have been chatting with God about today's Someone, and when I would stop to think about the person that requested the prayer, I knew she was praying for my worry as well. Pretty cool. 

This Quest was really just a way for me to do something for Someone else. I know there are plenty of people who kindly pray for me, and I wanted to reach out and make the offer to anyone who would like prayer.

It wasn't about anything I could get...just something I was hoping to give - a bit of time in prayer. But isn't it just like God to bless someone when it's least expected...or deserved?

Thankful.  Humbled.  Touched.  Yeah...that's where I am today. 

How about you?   Do you have a prayer request or need some encouragement or know Someone else who does?  If so, please email me or message me, and I will be honored to have the opportunity to pray for you.

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