Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Waiting on God's Plan

Today, both of my April Quests are for the same person.  I haven't done that before, but I felt a strong tug at my heart last night to not only pray for, but also encourage Someone I love and care about very much: my cousin, Pastor Cousin.

Pastor Cousin is the author of the rewards for obedience to God blog at Christ First Ministry.  Just because he is a minister does not mean he is without struggles.  As a matter of fact...there might be a valid argument for the idea that maybe pastors struggle even more.  This is just a theory of mine, but I have been around a fair number of people in ministry in my life, and I think there might be something to this theory. 

I feel deeply for my cousin as he navigates the waters of ministry and seeks to do God's will in his life.  He has a wife and two children that rely on him.  He works in the family business, a restaurant owned by his parents, and they rely on him.  He also has this budding ministry and I'm sure some days it can feel quite overwhelming. 

And yet, he feels called to share God's story of Salvation through Jesus Christ to as many people as he can.  I support him in this ministry through encouragement and prayer because I see the heart he has for serving God.  It isn't easy in today's world to step out in faith and proclaim it on a blog or in a Facebook post. 

Thankfully, as I have mentioned before, we have had some wonderful examples of ministry in our family.  Pastor Cousin and I grew up in a family that has been dedicated to serving God.  Our Grandpa Pastor served God at several churches during his years of ministry.  Grandma Gem was our very first Sunday School teacher. 

Pastor Cousin's parents, as well as my own, serve today in the very church where both couples met, fell in love, were married, and raised their children in the faith of Jesus Christ.  Many of our family members have had a heart for serving in the church and it's been an excellent example to us.

Pastor Cousin and I know that sometimes it's a struggle waiting on God to fulfill the desires of our hearts.  Even when our desire is to serve Him and His people, we have to wait on His perfect timing, circumstances, and plan. 

Today, I spent the day in prayer for my cousin and his ministry.  I also wrote him a note of encouragement.  I know that he is doing good work in the name of Jesus Christ and I believe that God will use his talents and abilities to reach others.  And I am excited to see what God's plan will be for Pastor Cousin and his ministry.

Please send me a message or an email if you would like me to pray over you or someone you know.  I would love to spend my day chatting with God on your behalf.

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  1. Today I read a great story in Mysterious Ways that reflects the struggles of a pastor. This pastor was called to take charge of a horrible, falling apart boys ' home states away when he didn't have any desire or experience. One might he was awakened by a figure of a boy in mismatched clothing at the foot of his bed who asked him, "What about me?" after that, he knew God's will so he sold his house and moved to the "boondocks" where he faced many
    Challenges to upgrade and even expand this establishment to include girls.


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