Thursday, April 4, 2013

There's Nothing Rosie About Cancer

Well...there's certainly nothing Rosie you can say about that word. 

It's heartbreaking.  It's life changing.  It's one of the most dreaded and painful parts of life. 

Today, my April Quests focused on two Someones living with cancer.

Pray for Someone
A few days ago I got a request to pray for Someone with cancer.  I was happy to make this gentleman my Someone to pray for today, but I was sad to hear why he needed prayer.  The request came from a friend asking for prayer for her brother.

I had no idea that her family was supporting her brother through cancer.  I immediately felt heartache for the entire family.  Our family has been affected by cancer.  We have friends who have fought it.  We have seen victory over it and we have seen people fight until they could no longer fight. 

And all the while we supported....we hurt...we prayed

Maybe you have been the caregiver and have seen it up close and personal through supporting, loving, learning, and helping.  Maybe you drove to appointments, picked up medications, made meals, took care of the home and family needs, or held a hand.

Maybe you have been the fighter - working every day to beat this awful evil disease through treatments, doctors, and surgeries.  Maybe you had astronomical decisions to make.  Maybe you were worn out both physically and mentally, but you had to press on and fight.

For those with faith in our Heavenly Father, no doubt you prayed as well.  Maybe you prayed and prayed and prayed...wholeheartedly.  Maybe you made deals with God.  Maybe you saw miraculous healing. Maybe you didn't see the answers you begged God to provide.  Maybe you wondered why. Maybe you struggled with God. 

After all - he is God.  Sovereign.  Sometimes it is incredibly hard to understand.  But believers in Christ know there is a plan.  We have to believe His way is better.  Even....yes, even in times of cancer.

I will admit this is a tough one for me because I am currently praying for two friends with breast cancer and I think they both should get to have miraculous healings.  I pray for it.  I beg God for it.

Thankfully, my friend's brother is doing well with his treatment.  In her words, "My brother has just finished up chemo and platelet treatment...he is doing so much better. But one can never have enough prayers!!!!" 

It is so true.  One can never have enough prayers - especially when one is fighting cancer. 

So today, I prayed for her brother.  I spent the day: thanking God for the good news (his chemo and platelet treatment are finished!), asking God for strength, renewal of his health, and clean reports from his doctors, and praising God for being the Ruler Over Cancer. 

Cancer is evil.  True fact.  God, however, is bigger, stronger, more powerful than any cancer.  He is the One who can heal and strengthen.  He is the One who can perform miracles.  He is the One who comforts.  He is the One that is always against evil.  Always.

God is the victor over cancer.  God is the victor over evil.

I could fill pages and pages on this blog of cancer stories that I have witnessed, read about, heard about, and lived through.  Everyone knows someone with a cancer story to tell.  I believe each and every one of them is important to God.  No one gets lost in the crowd with God.  No one "slips through the cracks" with Him. 

He created each of us.  He knows us better than we know ourselves.  He knows our past.  He knows our future.  He knows how our lives will be affected by cancer and He knows how the entire story will play out.  And in the end, He wants to be there to see us through the good times and the evil cancer times. 

Encourage Someone
As I mentioned above, I have a friend, Faithful Warrior, who is living with cancer at this very moment.  She is going through treatments, and admittedly, fighting it is a huge focus in her life right now.  But it isn't her whole life.  She has two children, a husband, family, friends, and her faith.  That is her life.  Cancer is an issue that she has to deal with daily, but she is not allowing it to take over her life.  She is living with it.

She is still a mom.  She is still a wife.  She is still a daughter.  She is still a friend.  She is still a Believer.  She has not allowed cancer to take away any of these important parts of her life.  I am inspired by her strength, perseverance, faith, and the joy she finds in living even during these difficult days. 

I am in awe and today I'm going to tell her so.  It's something I have never said to her.  When I realized this fact today, I decided today was the perfect day to remedy that.  And I know...I truly know I am not the only one who sees all that she has handled and the wonderful attitude in which she takes on each day. 

She knows I pray for her every day, but does she know that I admire her?  That I am inspired to be stronger in my faith because of her example?  Today...she will, because she is my Someone and I'm going to send her a message to let her know all of this right now.

*Please email or message me if you would like to be one of my Someones next week.  Several people have sent me requests for others as well.  All I need is a first name and what the prayer need is.  I will respond and let you know what day I can meet your request.*

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