Monday, April 29, 2013

An Unexpected Someone

What a beautiful sunny warm day we enjoyed in the Midwest today!  But guess what? There is a crazy forecast of "chance of snow" by the weekend!  I have to say...if it May...I'm thinking I'll be booking a ticket to my favorite palm tree lined town - where the sun always shines and the snow never falls somewhere out in the Southwest.

Oh well...our weather is going to do whatever it is going to do and seriously...I have more important tasks to focus on today - my April Quests.

Pray for Someone
This morning two different friends were at the hospital.  One friend was there with her daughter.  The other with her son.  Both children were having outpatient surgery today.  Hubby and I know how that feels.

We have been through surgery with both of our boys.  We know exactly what it feels like to be the parent...getting them there...getting them ready...praying over them...putting them into the hands of doctors and nurses...praying some more...waiting....praying...sitting with them during recovery...and praising God with thankfulness when it's all over.  Yes.  We know that feeling well.

So this morning these children and their parents were my Someones for today.  I prayed for them before...during...and after the surgeries.  Thankfully both children are back home with their families tonight, but I'll keep praying for them as they manage the pain during recovery.  I pray for their dads and moms as they tend to the needs of their children.  I remember well being in that role and I ask God to sustain them through this time of healing.

Encourage Someone
Yesterday, you may recall, I prayed for family and friends of four accident victims.  Today, I ran to the store to get some groceries and the young man who bagged my groceries also helped me to the car with them.  As he loaded the bags into the back of my van he asked me about my weekend.

I replied that I had a good weekend.  He dropped his head and said that he did not.  He then went on to share that he had lost a good friend over the weekend.  As we stood in the parking lot chatting I realized his friend was one of those who had passed away in the accident I had prayed about yesterday.

I shared with him that I had prayed for him...even though I didn't know him or his friend.  I told him I had prayed for those left behind to grieve.  He seemed comforted by my words and thanked me.  I got in the van with tears in my eyes.  I felt so sad for him and his great loss, but I hope he felt encouraged today knowing there are people praying for him to get through these difficult days.

I felt blessed to meet put a face to my prayers...and I will continue to pray for this young man and the other friends and family left behind by this tragedy. 

Tomorrow is the last day of April and it will be time to announce my new Quests for May.  I do have one idea already...but I'm thinking maybe I should continue the Pray For Someone Quest for another month.  What do you think?  Please share your thoughts as I consider continuing this Quest for another 30 days.

This past month has been an amazing journey of prayer and encouragement.  God has done so much more than I could have ever expected and I am changed forever by the experiences of the past 29 days. 

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