Saturday, April 20, 2013

Paying Attention To The Good News

The last few days the news has been filled with such bad stories.  We've had bombings in Boston, tainted mail in Washington DC, an explosion that devastated a small town in Texas, storms and flooding in the Midwest, then the entire city of Boston on lock-down, firefights and more bombings, and many many unanswered questions. 

So many lives lost in a matter of just a few days.  Are you feeling a little overwhelmed by it all?

As I may have mentioned before, I'm what Hubby calls a "wallower".  When stuff like this happens I think about it...a lot.  I watch the news...too much.  I get so sad about it...and worry.  It's hard for me sometimes to let it go and think on all the good around me instead.

But yesterday, as I dwelt on all of this a bit, I realized that all the news this week wasn't bad.  It really wasn't.

For me, in my little part of the world, interspersed with the bad news headlining these days, I have also heard some good news....really really good news.  So maybe this good news didn't make national came from people I love and care about.

The good news swirling around me this week included: a long awaited, much needed job offer, the birth of a precious baby, good results from a cancer treatment, a wedding date set, a prayer answered, a second chance given, and even a first car purchased. 

While the bad news crashes down around me...there is still good news happening lifting me up.  I just had to get my focus off the bad stuff, so that I could recognize and enjoy the good!  And truly life just felt a lot better when I did.

And during all of this these past two days, I continued to work on my April Quests.

Pray for Someone
Friday, I spent some time praying for a friend's friend.  My sweet southern friend sent me a request to pray for her friend fighting breast cancer.  Friday's Someone has completed treatment and underwent a mastectomy on Friday.  I spent the day praying for her.  I prayed for her surgery and her recovery.  I prayed for her family and friends supporting her.  I prayed for the days to come.  I prayed for the years to come. 

Years ago my own Grandma Gem underwent a mastectomy after she was diagnosed with breast cancer.  As you know, I pray for two friends currently fighting this awful disease.  I pray for many other friends who year after year celebrate each wonderful cancer free report.

Whenever I hear of someone fighting breast cancer, I think of my Grandma and how much the prayers of others meant to our family.  It's important to me to pray for anyone dealing with it and Friday, it was important for me to spend the day praying for my friend's friend with breast cancer.

Today, I prayed for a family I know.  A few months ago they lost their little boy to cancer.  It was a very long journey...five years...almost his entire childhood.  His father, mother, and big brother worked tirelessly to do any and every thing to help him through the battle. 

It's something that for me is truly unimaginable and my heart absolutely goes out to them.  Another friend who also knows this family shared with me how difficult these days since the passing of their little guy have been.  She and I agreed that all three members of this little family needed to be my Someones today. 

So I spent the day lifting this family up to our Lord.  I can't imagine all that they have experienced or what they are going through in these days of mourning, but I do hurt with them.  Many others hurt with them as well, and I pray for God to comfort them and see them through these difficult days.

Oh how I wish there were no cancer...

Encourage Someone
Yesterday I spent a little time in the afternoon sitting in the sun and chatting with a friend on the phone.  We are dear close friends and it was so good to spend some time together.  She is hurting.  Life if very difficult right now. 

She has so much on her plate and many many unresolved issues.  I know it feels like the weight of the world (or at least her slice of the world) is on her shoulders right now.  Bless her heart.  I wish I could just take it all away.

We talked about many of the unknowns facing her and her family right now.  We talked about ways to maybe make it better.  We talked a lot about prayer, our faith, and the trust we have in God to see her through. 

I did my best to encourage her.  The blessing is she has a strong faith and I know that will help her with whatever is to come in the future. 

Today, I sent a note to a dear sweet friend that has meant so much to me for a very long time and I wanted to let her know.  My friend is my Someone for today.  She is the type of person that is always, happy, joyful, positive, and loving. 

She is also the most supportive friend you could meet.  I know without a doubt that she will always be there for me, just as she is for all her friends.  She touches so many lives and is truly special to so many people.  I needed her to know that today.  Sometimes it's really encouraging to hear what others believe, and I wanted to do that for her today.

Please, if you or someone you know is in need of prayer or encouragement, let me know.

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