Tuesday, April 30, 2013

May Quests: Good Deeds and Prayer

Can you believe today is the last day of April?  As fast as time is flying by, one comfort I have is being able to look back on the year and know I did something every day.  That is definitely a fun perk to this 2013 Year Long Adventure of my Heart & Spirit Monthly Quests.

April's Quests have been my favorite so far this year.  I didn't expect that they would have the deeply profound effect they have had on me...but...indeed they have.  As a super fun surprise, my readers have participated with me this month by sharing requests for prayers for themselves or their loved ones.  That has been a delightful surprise!

Praying For Someone Every Day has connected me with my readers in a way I had not been connected with y'all before.  It has truly been a huge blessing to me to have the honor to pray.  I have been touched by your trust in me to share your cares and worries.  It has been a delight to see God work through the lives of friends, family, and even strangers through this Quest process.

Pray For Someone
Today I prayed for my friend Southern Belle's daughter.  She has had a terrible time recovering from a foot injury. After months of appointments, treatments, and wearing a boot, it has been decided surgery will be required. She is an active teenager and I know this is disappointing news for her.

She has plans for an upcoming choir tour, so that makes the timing of the surgery and recovery quite important.  Of course, God knows all of this, and I trust in His perfect timing.  I pray she will be able to get through the operation soon and to quickly be on a road to complete recovery with this whole ordeal behind her.

Encouraging Someone Every Day also provided a wonderful connection to others in a very sweet way.  I have enjoyed the conversations this Quest has started.  It has been fun and fulfilling in a way I never expected. 

With both of my April Quests, I just wanted to do something for Someone else, but God provided opportunities for me to grow and learn as well.  Isn't that just like God?

Encourage Someone
Today I spent time chatting with Someone important to me that needed some encouragement.  I was touched she came to me and felt comfortable enough to share some pretty big stuff with me.  I pray our conversation was God-honoring and in step with His plan.  I pray she was encouraged.

May Quests
So tomorrow is May 1st and I will begin my Quests for the month.  I am excited to share with you the two Quests I will be working on the next 30 days.

First, I do plan to continue to Pray For Someone Every Day.  As I mentioned above, this has been an amazing and favorite Quest of mine and I have decided to continue it for another month.  Thank you to my readers who sent sweet notes encouraging me to do this Quest for another month.  I'm glad to do it and I'm also glad you enjoy reading about it.

Second, I want to Do A Good Deed Every Day.  The other day I happened to be at Target....and I happened upon a very unique journal.

Have you ever seen a journal like this?  I haven't.  Not only is it specially made to jot down Good Deed experiences, but it is also filled with prompts or ideas of Good Deeds you can do for others.  How fun is that?

I have a feeling this is going to be a delightful daily Quest!

As always...please feel free to contact me and let me know if you have a Prayer request.  Do you have a Good Deed idea?  Please feel free to share any ideas you have for that as well! 

Be sure to check in each day in May because sometime during the month, I plan to do a Good Deed for my readers and do my very first GIVE AWAY!!  You won't want to miss the opportunity to win something GOOD in May!

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