Friday, April 26, 2013

Just For Fun Friday: Don't Make Your Bed Edition it is Friday and I haven't posted since Tuesday!  How did that happen?  Sometimes life really does get too busy.  Today is indeed it's JUST FOR FUN FRIDAY!  But before we can get to that, I have to get you caught up on my April Quests for the past few days.

Pray for Someone
My Someone on Wednesday was my dear sweet tea-loving friend, Tea Queen.  She sent her husband off on a long military deployment that day.  Sigh.  I know she is under a great deal of stress now and for the next several months.  There is so much heartache and uncertainty that goes with a military deployment. 

I prayed for her and her children, but of course the prayers do not end there.  I will be praying for this very special friend until her husband returns safe and sound to their little family. 

I made a promise to her the other day that I would be there with her through the entire deployment.  We don't live near each other...there are actually quite a few states sitting between us right now, but that will not stop me from being "there" for her in every possible way.  And one of those ways is to pray - every day.

Thursday, my Someone was my dear animal-loving friend, the Dog Whisperer.  She has had a lot of tough stuff going on in her life these past several months.  The heartache just piled on...every week something else became a struggle.  My heart went out to her during this dark time.

But she has persevered through it all with her faith in God intact.  She has called on Him to get her through these difficult days and He has.  Good has come among the bad.  So while I prayed for the terrible pain in her back...and in her heart, I also thanked God for the recent good news that came with promises for better days ahead for her family.

Today's Someones came from an event last night.  Yesterday, a group of homeschooling moms loaded up a van and car full of homeschooling high schoolers and traveled over the river and through the big city to Prom. 

We dropped our dashing and darling teens off to dance the night away.  Then we headed to our own Mom Prom Dinner with huge plates of pasta, good conversation, and lots of laughter.  We didn't all know each other.  Some of us had met before...some had never met, but we bonded over the most simple of things....being moms.

Intertwined in a evening of carb overload and laughter...there were deep moments of open-hearted sharing.  It was amazing really...most of us were strangers!  Even if we knew each other...most of us didn't really know each other.  We certainly found that out last night. 

The surprising evening left me with two deep memories.  One is of a much needed night of laughter.  And since I'm all about honesty on this blog...I admit...I wasn't really looking forward to going.   I was crabby (for no good reason), I had a headache, I was a bit tired, and I really just wanted to stay home.  But I went..and I'm really glad I did.  We laughed so much.  It was a joy-filled night.

So having said might seem strange to say that the other big takeaway for me from the night was the heartfelt sharing of very real heartache that each woman freely conveyed.  As I thought about it was so very touching.  So these ladies are my Someones today.  I am praying for each of them and the struggles that they shared.

What I witnessed last night is what all women should be doing for each other: supporting.  There wasn't any judgement or embarrassment.  There was only love and support.  It's so crazy...really...considering we are women...and were practically strangers....and did I mention we are women? I will never forget last night or these ladies.  It was just love and support.  Exactly what it should be.

Today I pray for their concerns.  I think of each one of them as we sat around that table last night.  I think of what they so openly and honestly shared.  I pray for them by name and worry.  I lift them up to God and ask Him to touch their ease their comfort restore their relationships that are guide and direct give them peace. 

And I thank our Heavenly Father for bringing them into my life last night.  I thank Him for opening my eyes and showing me that there are women...just like me...going through struggles....who are willing to get to know me...willing to share with me...laugh with me....and even though they may not know me...even support me.  It left me feeling convicted for my crabbiness and blessed by my new friendships.

Encourage Someone
Wednesday, my Someone was the same person I prayed for that day.  Tea Queen needed some encouragement as she got through the difficult day of seeing her husband off on deployment.  We sent messages back and forth all day as I supported her while she supported him.

Last night, during our fun Mom Prom Dinner, the ladies were so gracious to allow me to share with them about this very blog.  I told them about the Blue Hue that had lead me to a need to make some changes in my life.  I shared my idea of monthly Quests to create a pure heart and renew a steadfast spirit. 

They were all so kind to listen to my story, and then one of the moms said the sweetest thing.  She told me that I had encouraged her.  So, my Someone last night was a new friend....a mother of seven children...some with special needs...who is so inspiring to me...and she felt encouraged by my words.  What a blessing to be able to encourage Someone who amazes me!

As for my Someone for today?  It hasn't happened yet, so you will have to turn in next time to find out about my Someone to Encourage today.

Just For Fun
In the mean time I will leave you with something fun...because it's Friday!

According to the Gourmet Hostess, we can all quit making our beds in the morning! 

Last week, she let me know she read an article in the May issue of Health Magazine that said:
"SKIP Making the Bed. Ongoing research from London suggests that leaving sheets open to air dries them out, depriving dust mites of the humidity they need to survive." 

So there you go!  One less thing for your to do list tomorrow!

And because I don't always get the bed made every day...I found this new information to be quite fun!

Please, feel free to contact me if you or someone you know is in need of encouragement or prayer.

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