Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Chicken Pie Memories

Today, our Engineer asked me to make Grandma Gem's Chicken Pie recipe.  Not only is it so very tasty, but each time I make it, the memories of Grandma serving steaming pans of this deliciousness in her warm homey kitchen come flooding back to me like it was yesterday.

It's those kind of memories that bring a smile to my face and a tear to my eye at the same time.

I'm so glad our Engineer asked me to make that yummy-memory-filled dish tonight.  As I pulled it out of the oven, his eyes sparkled in anticipation, and he thanked me.  After devouring a plateful, he sweetly thanked me again.  As I relished the hug that came next, all I could think was...no...thank you, Engineer. 

He made me a happy momma tonight.

Today was a busy day.  I had shopping that had to be done, five loads of laundry to wash, dry, and fold, school with our Engineer, plus a Chicken Pie to make.  I even had more errands to run tonight.  Of course, that didn't stop me from my April Quests today.

Pray for Someone
This morning I didn't have Someone picked out to pray for.  This might be the first time all month that I didn't have a person already penciled in for the day.  I popped onto Facebook and saw that one of my dear friend's daughter isn't feeling well today.  I knew right then she would be my Someone for today.

Her daughter is finishing up her freshman year of college.  It's been a year filled with so many changes and firsts.  She has had her ups and downs, but she is on track to finish the year strong.  And now...just as the final projects, papers, and tests are looming she is battling a bit of a health issue. 

So today, I lifted her up in prayer. I asked God to give her relief from the pain and to please heal her quickly, so that she can keep her focus on completing all that she needs to accomplish in the next few weeks.  Bless her heart.  

Encourage Someone
My Someone to encourage today is a Someone who has been through some huge changes in the last two years.  He's not the type to enjoy change...of any kind.  And this change was...well...life changing change. 

He struggled with it in the beginning, but as the days turned into weeks...that turned into months...and soon will turn into years, he has found his footing and done an amazing job of balancing all the new and different parts of this changed life.

I know some days it might not feel like he's done anything that impressive, but I certainly think he has.  Today I shared with him what I have noticed about all he has accomplished.  It was good to see him smile and take it in.  He was so touched that someone would notice and tell him so, it really made me glad I took the time to share it with him.

Please ~ don't hesitate...if you or someone you know would like some prayer or encouragement, please contact me!  I would be honored to do so.

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