Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Be Like A Daffodil

Oh to be as strong and beautiful as a daffodil...  I'm not sure what got me to thinking about that this morning, but I do want to be like the daffodils that live in my front yard.

As you know, our Midwest weather couldn't decide if it was winter or spring throughout the last couple months and we teetered back and forth between snow covered, freezing gray cloudy days and windy, warm sunshiny days. 

During one of the warm sunny days, my daffodils started poking up all along the flower beds around our front yard.  Just a couple days later, a chill filled the air and the temperatures began to drop rapidly.  I watched those little shoots carefully - as the weather swung back and forth -wondering if they would make it to the beautiful blossoming stage.

Well, those hardy sprouts grew tall.  The buds began to form and I anxiously awaited the beauty that would soon burst forth.  Then...the temperature dropped again...and snow fell from the sky.  The final blast of wintry mix dumped nearly a foot of flakes on top of those precious blooms.  You couldn't even see them.  I was sure they were done.

Thankfully, I was totally wrong.  They were stronger than they looked.  They were daffodils after all, and they were going to persevere into the beautiful Easter treat they were meant to be.

Once they open up and bloom, daffodils display a delicate beauty that gives joy to all those who see them.  And while the petals are soft, these flowers are made of much tougher stuff.  The stem that holds the beautiful part up for all to see is strong and resilient. 

And then there's the part you can't even see.  The foundation of the flower...buried deep in the ground is the bulb.  It's the strongest part.  It's the part where the firm stem and beautiful delicate flower came from.  It is what the flower stands on.  It is what feeds the flower.  The daffodil couldn't be the glorious beauty it is without the strength of the bulb beneath.

You know, we come from God.  He is our strength...He takes cares of our needs...We live because of Him.  We each have a delicate beauty that is inside us waiting for the precise moment to unfold and bloom for all to see.  Through this beauty we can offer joy to others.

That's why I want to be like a daffodil.  I want to remain strong during the cold cloudy times.  And then, when the good days come, I want to open up, enjoy the sunshine, and share a beauty that will bring joy to others.

I'll admit, in the wake of the heartache in Boston, it's harder to maintain a Rosie Outlook.  It's easy to let fear, sadness, and anger take hold of our thoughts.  But then I think about those beautiful daffodils that brought me such happiness as I shrugged off the cold chills of winter and welcomed the warm sun-filled days of spring. 

I don't want those who work to cause us pain to win.  I don't want them to have control of my thoughts and feelings.  Instead...I want to be strong with a joyful a daffodil.

While these thoughts ran through my mind these past two days, I prayed for all those affected in Boston, and I worked on my April Quests.

Pray for Someone
My Someone for yesterday is the mother of one of my sweet friends.  Her momma has had some health concerns and was going to the doctor looking for some answers.  I asked God to be with her and her daughter as they waited for those answers.  Her daughter lives far away from her mom and couldn't be there with her.  I know she is concerned and feels a bit helpless as to how to support her mother from so far away.  I lifted them both up all day.

Today, I prayed for a friend of Mom's.  Mom called the other day with great concern for a friend very dear to her and many others around them.  Her friend also has health concerns and is waiting for answers from doctors.  She has battled health issues in the past, so there is of course, worry that she will have to go through it again. Today I prayed for God to hold her tightly in the palm of His hand.

It is such a difficult time when you have to wait and wonder about health issues.  Both of these ladies will continue to be in my prayers each day as they wait.

Encourage Someone
For the last two days I have spent time chatting with two people dear to me that both were in need of encouragement.  We chatted...talked through some stuff...worked out some solutions...and laughed a little too.  Both conversations were as encouraging to me as they were to these two Someones.  I am blessed to have them in my life and blessed to be able to share some encouragement with them!  Truth be told, I think they are a couple of daffodils.

If You or Someone you know is in need of prayer or encouragement, please contact me.  It would be my pleasure. 

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