Sunday, April 28, 2013

Always There With Us

It's Sunday and I'm snuggled in my warm cozy Hug Chair.  It has been rainy and gloomy the past couple days and there is...once again...a chill in the air.  It's a bit crazy to think we are literally days away from May and the air is so brisk.  While enjoying a little quiet time, I thought I would share with you my April Quests from the past couple days.

Encourage Someone
Friday night we enjoyed a laughter filled visit with some great friends.  My friend, the Crazy Cat Woman, came over with her hubby and we dined on pizza, salad and ice cream.  We enjoy hanging out with them because it's always casual, comfortable, and relaxing. 

Crazy Cat Woman (who named herself for this the way) really does loves her cats...and family...and friends.  She is a long time friend...since grade school.  While we have always stayed in touch, it has been such a blessing to reconnect with her face to face since moving back to the Midwest.  Hubby and I have truly enjoyed getting to know her husband better as well. 

Crazy Cat Woman and I are bonded in many ways...through our small town upbringing...our families who know each other...through our faith....through our raising teens/near adult children....and, of course, through our long time friendship.  Friday night, we encouraged each other as we laughed and chatted about parenting, pets, and families. I am so thankful for her life long friendship! 

Saturday was a very exciting day for me.  Finally...after months of training and preparing...I did my first 5k race with my niece, the Producer.  Since my knee is still giving me problems, I did walk/run this race, but I was so pleased I was able to complete it! 

I did this run with the Producer and two of her friends, and I was happy I was able to hang in there with three twentysomethings!  They were so kind to go slow with me!  My nephew and his special girl ran the race as well, which added to the fun! 

It was a Color Run, plus it was cold and rainy yesterday we ended the race covered in color, just a bit wet, and a tad chilled...but so glad we did it!  I have checked "run a 5k" off my bucket list! 

It really was a day of encouragement.  I encouraged those who ran with me, and they encouraged me as well.  Hubby was also there to send us off and greet us at the finish.  He was, of course, another source of awesome encouragement.

The race was also a fundraiser for Autism Speaks, which I happily support in honor of our friends who have children on the spectrum.  Did you know that April is Autism Awareness month?  With this month coming to a close, please, if you feel lead to do, I encourage you to go to the website and donate to this worthy cause. 

If you have a little extra that you could send, I believe they will do great work with whatever you can give.  As I have shared before...I have such a heart for those who raise children living on the spectrum of Autism.

Pray For Someone
Yesterday, I prayed for a family I do not know, but who recently lost two members of their family in a very sad accident.  It left two young adult children without parents and a family and community in grief. 

A friend asked me to pray for this family as she and her husband knew the parents and are heartbroken for their family.  While I do not know them, of course my heart goes out to them, and I pray God will guide and comfort them in the days ahead.

This morning another request came from another friend.  She shared the news of another accident that lead to the death of four people.  Again, I do not know those involved in the accident or those grieving their passing, but I prayed for their families as they deal with this sudden and difficult loss.

This accident has affected many who knew them and I pray for them as well.  It is so heartbreaking and unfathomable when an accident occurs and young lives are lost.  I spent time today in prayer for those who are left to carry on...for those who feel the loss deeply....for those broken hearts.  Again I asked God for comfort and guidance in the days to come.

There are some days when there just isn't any understanding for what has happened.  All I can offer is God is still there.  I truly believes he grieves with us.  Our hurts are His hurts, and our Lord is most certainly there to love us, guide us, comfort us, and sustain us through such times. 

From laughter with running with heartache with friends....God will see us through.  He laughs with us....runs with us....and grieves with us.  God really is always there with us.

Please remember...I will pray for you or someone you know.  Just contact me if you would like me to do so.

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