Thursday, April 18, 2013

All The Feelings ~ Part II

Today my April Quests focus on three ladies I have come to know and love all because our Scientist went far far away to college.  In January I introduced you to the Nurse and a favorite family phrase - "all the feelings".  Today I will share with you the next chapter in this story.

Pray for Someone
Our Scientist and the Nurse met soon after they arrived on campus their college freshman year.  Hubby, our Engineer, and I were happy to get to meet the Nurse face to face when we traveled out for a visit the following spring.  Not only did we meet her then, but her precious family warmly welcomed us to their home for an amazing family dinner. 

That warm spring afternoon while the wildflowers danced in the wind on the high meadow, we got to know the Nurse's mother, sister, grandparents, uncle, aunt, and cousins. It was a very blessed afternoon as we lunched with this family and realized we had much in common. 

We were thrilled to discover that they adored our son almost as much as we did.  They too saw the kind, intelligent, warm, funny, helpful young man that has brought us such joy since the day he was born.

In the year beyond that first visit, our relationships have grown through phone calls, email, and more visits.  The Nurse's mother, Grace Mom, has become a special friend of mine. Grace Mom truly is a women of such quiet grace. 

She's also a momma of two girls.  Since I'm a momma of two boys, it's fun to spend time with her and hear about what it's like to be the momma of girls...which is clearly very very different than being a momma of boys.

This week, the Nurse sent me a message and asked me to pray for her mom.  It so happens that Grace Mom was already on my prayer list of Someones.  She is a strong woman of faith who trusts our Heavenly Father to see her through her life struggles.  And believe me..she has had some pretty tough struggles in this life...including a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis (MS). 

She has lived with this difficult disease for a long time, but she doesn't let it stop her from being a mom, taking care of her students in an important college campus job, worshipping at church, shopping for shoes, lunching with the girls, driving her van, or caring for her puppy.

I am blessed to know her, touched by her loving, caring spirit, and amazed by all she handles daily.  And she does it all with such grace.  The Nurse asked me to pray for her mom and today I did. 

I asked the Lord to comfort Grace Mom, ease her worries, and to take care of her medical needs.  I prayed she would adjust quickly to her new treatment plan.  And knowing how hard the heat of summer can be for her, I asked the Lord for a mild summer that would not be so stressful for her. 

I also asked God to be with Grace Mom's family.  As her family members travel this journey of MS right along with her, it can be weary from time to time.  I pray for her family as they come along side her and see her through the tough days.

I prayed especially for Grace Mom and the Nurse as they navigate their roles as adult mom and young adult daughter.  This season for them is such a gloriously, wonderful, delicately, challenging time in their lives.  There are so many new experiences for them and they both have to relearn how to be mother and daughter a bit. 

I pray for them as they settle into these new roles and this next level of their relationship.  I have such a heart for them as Hubby and I gingerly step through this process with our Scientist as well.  Parenting twentysomethings is a whole new ballgame.  Being a twentysomething is too.  It is beautiful and painful at the same time...for all of us. 

Throughout this day, I prayed for my friend Grace Mom.

Encourage Someone
The third lady in this story is the Feisty Flower.  She is a sweet friend of mine and also happens to be mother to Grace Mom and grandmother to the Nurse.  She is a bundle of flower tending, photo taking, card making, family loving joy.  I was just taken in by her the minute I met her.  My first thought was, "Wow, she is a real go-getter!" 

As I watched her buzz around her kitchen putting together a marvelous feast, talking a mile a minute, I knew Feisty Flower was my kind of woman.  She is a godly servant - caring for the ailing husband she has loved forever, her beloved daughter, and each of her grandchildren. 

If anyone in her family needs her, she is either there in a flash or she opens her home and warmly welcomes them into her care.  She tirelessly serves her family and friends without complaint.  It is just amazing to know her. 

Today, Feisty Flower is my Someone to encourage.  I sat down to write her a note, letting her know what a blessing she is to our family and all those who know her.  I wanted her to know I see how hard she works to love and care for those important to her.  There's just so much going on around her right now, I thought she might enjoy opening her mailbox and getting a little note of encouragement.

Today, I am thankful for the friendship of these three ladies.  I am delighted that we share a love of God and our Scientist.  I am richer for knowing them and I pray God will bless them greatly as they walk the path God has paved for them.

Please contact me if you or Someone you know is in need of prayer...or encouragement...or both!

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