Friday, March 1, 2013

The Gift of A Book Recommendation

Happy National Reading Month - otherwise known as March! 

Did you know that?  I didn't either, but how nice that National Reading Month happens to be the same month I decide to dedicate my March Quest to Reading (some of) A Book Every Day!  It was a happy surprise for me to discover this morning. 

I kicked off my new Quest today with reading a little in a new book, before remembering that I had already started a book on my Kindle a while ago, and then got busy with life and forgot to return to it.  So, I returned to it today. 

My friend, Girl Scout Mom, recommended this book, the gift of an ordinary day, to me several months ago.  She said it made her think of me and even though I'm just a couple chapters into the book, I can certainly see a connection.  The author, Katrina Kenison, is a married mother of two boys (one off to college).  This is her memoir about motherhood. 

It wasn't until after I had read several pages, that I remembered an online video of this author sharing some of her thoughts on motherhood just a couple years ago.  It's a tearjerker, for sure. 

While I believe I will enjoy reading this book, I'm thinking there might be a few tears shed here and there.  I'll let you know.

Girl Scout Mom is a friend from when we lived out west.  Her husband and Hubby worked together.  We lived in a tight knit community where the husbands all worked together and the wives supported them and each other.  And did I mention we were raising little ones as well?  I have such special memories of the girlfriends in my life then.  Those weren't always easy years, but we got through them together. 

Even though they have moved out east and we are now in the Midwest, I'm thankful our friendship remains intact. 

I don't know why, but somehow it always makes me feel special when someone recommends a book to me.  I guess it shows me that they really know me and they think of me.  Plus books are such a love of mine, that a book recommendation is a gift of love in my world.

Hubby and our Engineer seem to be inspired by this month's Quest, because tonight they spent a good deal of time in Barnes & Noble.  They had gift cards from Christmas and they decided it was time to use them.  They both came out of there with several books each, including one our Engineer chose that has over 1200 pages in it!  Maybe this can be Read A Book Month for him...

Here's hoping you wil find some time this month to enjoy a good book or two.  Do you have a favorite book that someone recommended to you?  Please share in the comments below, because it seems to me people are always in search of a good book to read.

Happy Reading!

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