Friday, March 29, 2013

Just For Fun Friday: Clear Skies & A Peep!

Before we get to the Just For Fun's an update to yesterday's Gray Cloud Day:

If you read yesterday's post, you may remember when I left you last night, I was willingly "wallowing" in a Gray Cloud Day, and I was going to read from Psalms, try to ditch the gray cloud, and go to bed.

Today, I can tell you that I did just that.  I read Psalm 91 which comforted my soul and helped me finally let the gray cloud go.  It was time.  I said a little prayer, settled into the Hug Bed, and fell fast asleep. 

This morning I awoke crazy early (as usual) due to Hubby's work schedule, but I felt rested and ready to celebrate a special day for Christians around the word: Good Friday.  I knew the gray cloud from yesterday was long gone. 

After seeing Hubby off to work, I enjoyed a little quiet time and a warm cup of tea in the Hug Chair with the Twins cuddled up on my lap.  Before I knew it, the darkness of the early predawn hours was swept away with the rising of the sun, and beautiful sunshine was pouring into the living room reminding me of this:  It's Friday...but Sunday is coming! 

It was a dark day...that Friday when Jesus Christ was hung on a cross to die.  It was a horrible day and it greatly grieved his friends...his followers...his family.  But God had a plan.  He can use dark days.  He can make good out of bad.  

As my cousin, Pastor Cousin, wrote in his blog today, "It was the saddest greatest day ever."

Sunday dawned.  It was a new day and something glorious had happened.  Jesus, who died on the cross...had done exactly what he said he would:  He Arose!  The SON was shining.  The darkness of Friday was gone.  Sunday had come.  The Son of God did that for you and me.

This was on my mind this morning as the sun arose and warmed us up to temperatures we haven't seen here in the Midwest in quite some time.  The snow from last weekend has nearly melted away.  My Easter flowers - while "droopy" -  opened up a bit with the warmth of the sun shining down on them today. 

With Easter Sunday just a couple days away, we are finally seeing the hope of Spring here.  The Engineer and I sat down with our Bibles and took turns reading from Matthew 26, 27, 28 and John 19, 20.  It was a very blessed time and it touched me greatly that this was important to him and he wanted to do this with me.  It was a sacred, special time for both of us.

Later in the day, I sat down and completed my March Quest as I read a bit more in Prayer Walk.  Our Engineer has been joining me every day in this reading quest.  He is about half way through his 1200 page book.  The fact that he has joined me in this quest - on his own, I might add - means a great deal to me.

Yes...Yesterday was a darker day for me...but, today, a new day dawned and I was reminded of many wonderful reasons why I live life with a Rosie Outlook.  Good Friday, indeed.

Now...Just For Fun - because it's FRIDAY:

Yesterday, I discovered a new favorite Easter treat:  Chocolate Mousse Peeps dipped in Dark Chocolate....seriously...yum!

I am not a huge fan of regular Peeps, but these...oh my!

They are just so so yummy!

Here's hoping the Easter Bunny brings some more for Easter (hint hint, Hubby)!

Come back tomorrow and I will share my Quest for April!

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