Saturday, March 23, 2013

A Tap On The Shoulder From God?

Happy Saturday!  I started the morning off (before I even got out of the Hug Bed) by enjoying several chapters in Praying for Strangers and checking off my March Quest.  While I am in the early part of this book, I have to say, I'm really enjoying it.  Just as I expected, it is a heartwarmingly inspirational book.

Today the sun was shining and the temperatures climbed up into the low 50s.  While we were out and about, I was still bundled up in a warm jacket, but we did see a lot of people without a coat or jacket and even one lady in shorts.  Yes..shorts in 40ish degree weather.  We are clearly so desperate for Spring in the Midwest.

Of course we were sitting under a Severe Winter Storm Watch all day that has now turned into a Severe Winter Storm Warning with a 100% chance of snow.   The temperatures are falling. 

This is the weirdest winter ever.

After our errands were complete, Hubby, Engineer, and I returned home and settled in to watch a little basketball.  I don't know if you are into March Madness, but I have come to enjoy it with Hubby.  Last night Florida Gulf Coast University (ranked 15th) beat Georgetown (ranked 2nd).  It was a huge upset and a very exciting game.  Plus I truly love an underdog story.  So...tonight I'm announcing that FGCU is my one of my picks for the Final Four. 

This made Hubby laugh, but I really do live with a Rosie Outlook, and I'm thinking this little team just might have what it takes to go to the end.  They play again tomorrow, so we will see, but I am going to root for them.

You might be wondering what Midwest weather or March Madness Basketball have to do with my March Quest.  Nothing really.  I don't have any weather or basketball related books I want to share with you today.  I'm just sharing some of my day with you.

Speaking of Praying....

Okay, I know we really weren't...unless I try to loosely tie the current book I'm reading (which I mentioned at the beginning of this post) to this part of the post.  Anyway, now that we are talking about it, I do have a couple thoughts on prayer.

Not only am I currently reading a book about a woman who prayed for a complete stranger every day for a year, but I happen to have several books about prayer on my bookshelves.  And it just so happens that in the last few days, I keep running across these books.  I'm starting to maybe see a pattern here.  Um...God?  Did you say something?

As I mentioned in my post a few days ago, I recently stumbled upon my signed copy of Lisa Whelchel's book, The Busy Mom's Guide to PrayerAfter I wrote about it, I thought I should probably skim through that book again, because there were several great tips that I need to reintroduce into my prayer time. 

Then today, as I looked for another book, I came upon Prayer Walk by Janet Holm McHenry.  It has a copyright date of 2001 and I am pretty sure I bought it shortly after it came out.  I may or may not have a read a bit of it.  I honestly don't remember. 

I'm sure it was purchased during a time when I decided I was going to exercise and pray more.  As I'm thinking this, I read the back cover and this is an excerpt from what it says - word for word: "Ask any Christian woman about her most recent New Year's resolutions, and you'll likely find that 'exercise reguarly' and 'pray more' were at the top of her list."  I'm not kidding.  It actually says that on the back of the book. 

While I have improved my prayer time over the years, as you know from my previous month's Quest, exercising regularly is a struggle for me.  And honestly, since I have not made it a daily Quest for March, I haven't exercised every day.  Not even close. 

I am still exercising and I am currently on Week 5 of my C25K training program for the 5K I'm doing with my niece in April, but since I don't have to be accountable to my readers every day, I haven't gotten on the treadmill every day in March.  It's really hard to admit that you, but it's the truth. 

Anyway, I haven't spent as much time praying lately as I had been, so it's been on my mind that I need to focus on that more.  It just might become part of my April Quest.  I'm starting to feel like God has an opinion on this subject....

There is an interesting connection in the Prayer Walk book and the Praying for Strangers book I am currently reading.  Both of these book's authors wrote about their personal account of trying to fulfill a New Year's Resolution.  As you know, I started this blog as a way to be accountable and share my 2013 Year Long Adventure of doing a Heart & Spirit Monthly Quest each month - my version of a New Year's Resolution.

This coming week will end with the celebration of Easter, and I think it's the perfect time to read these books on prayer, reevaluate my prayer time, and prepare for my next Quest.  Of course, I'm thinking it will have to have something to do with prayer. 

I'll talk it over with God and get back to you.

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