Monday, February 25, 2013

Sharing Life, Sharing Love, Hoping for a Win!

We have just a few days left in February!  I have really enjoyed my February Quests for this month...well, one of them anyway...

Like it or not, I do plan to continue flossing in March, but thankfully, I will not continue to blog about it next month. You are so welcome.  But, just for the record...I did floss today.

I also plan to continue exercising as well, but I don't plan to continue to blog about that either.  What will I blog about?  I'm thinking about an idea or two I will share with you in a couple days.

This morning, I went back to my sweet set up in the basement (thank you again, Hubby) and walked on the treadmill.  As I mentioned in my last post, I ran faster and farther than normal yesterday, and this morning my knee reminded me that it still doesn't feel so good... So, I put on my knee brace and walked 20 minutes.  That was all I felt I should do today.  Even so, I'm still feeling good about doing something to exercise today.

While I walked today, I read some blogs....

Share Love
Okay, so here's a confession...I have been all over the Internet in the last couple weeks, commenting on any number of blogs belonging to Melanie Shankle's real friends (not imaginary ones that also blog about her like they know her...).

Evidently, she has a wonderful group of people in her life that love her, love to blog, and love her book. I have found various blogs giving away a free signed copy of Sparkly Green Earrings.  Some of them even came with an actual pair of sparkly green earrings (which considering Hubby's Valentine Gift Confusion would be even more fun to win).  

Big Mama, herself, offered another book/earring combo giveaway over the weekend, and I excitedly checked to see if picked me today, but did not.  My disappointment only had to last half a day, as later Melanie posted on her fan Facebook page that - Guess What?  Someone else was giving away a signed copy of her book! 

And how fun to find out it was on Beth Moore's (another favorite imaginary friend of mine) Living Proof Ministries Blog!  That's my other favorite blog, and while I had also read a post on that blog this morning, the giveaway was posted later in the day.

Of course, I went to the blog and I posted a comment.  Lindsee, one of Beth's gals, posted the blog.  What a hoot it would be to win a book signed by my imaginary good friend Melanie.  Oh, and did I mention she read my "book review" I posted a couple days ago?  She did and even thanked me for the sweet words.  I don't know...I'm starting to think maybe she and I are really friends...even though we have never met...

As I said above, I also love Beth Moore's Living Proof Blog.  She writes some of the posts along with a couple other gals.  Lindsee wrote another post a few days ago, that I read this morning during my walk and it came right out of the computer and gave me a big hug - right there on the treadmill. 

Seriously, after reading it, I just felt like I had been hugged.

Lindsee shared sweet words from her heart about how difficult it can be to put yourself out there in a blog.  Preach it sister!  She said so many of the things I have felt during this writing-a-blog process.  It was so incredibly encouraging to me and I am so grateful I read her words this morning.

You see, originally, I started this blog for completely selfish reasons.  I was really struggling after our last move.  I was in a blue hue and I didn't like it.  I missed my old Rosie self.  I reached a point where I knew I had to do something, and that's when God lead me to this blog. 

Yes, this blog is a God Thing - of that I have no doubt.

He gave me the idea of the Heart & Spirit Monthly Quest...then we decided to make it a 2013 Year Long Adventure...then we decided to actually "try it out" in December.  From the beginning, I thought I would just write a couple paragraphs at the end of each week in a effort to be accountable and hopefully stick with it.  After all, I certainly didn't consider myself a writer. 

Just a few days into it, I realized I wanted to put a bit more effort into it than I first thought.  I found myself inspired to write stories and share thoughts I never even considered writing about at the beginning of it.

Then I really felt God tugging at my heart to do more with it.  To share more.  To be real.  And open. And honest.  And vulnerable.  That made me uncomfortable.  I wasn't sure I wanted to do that.  But I felt certain that whether I wanted to do it or not, God was guiding me to do it.  And even better, He was clearly helping me come up with post after post after post.

And since we are being honest here - because we most certainly are - every few days I go through a bit of self doubt and angst.  But I'm not kidding you - as soon as those awful, destructive thoughts try to bog me down, someone sends me encouragement.  It has come from friends and family; people close to me and some far far away. 

And this time it came from someone who doesn't know me and I don't know her, but she is now another one of my imaginary friends.  Today that encouragement came in the words of Lindsee at the LPM blog.  And from the Word of God.  Lindsee shared these words from Paul in her post:

"We loved you so much that we were delighted to share with you not only the gospel of God but our lives as well, because you had become so dear to us.” 1 Thessalonians 2:8

I know by this point I was walking on that treadmill with a big smile on my face, because while I may have started this blog out of total selfishness, the truth is, it has become something so much bigger than my goal of finding my Rosie Outlook again. 

I have to say, I am not at all surprised that it took God's Word to truly capture my feelings and my new goals for this blog, because God can put life into words so much better than I can.

Thankfully, I am much more Rosie than blue these days. I have no doubt that God had this planned out all along (shall we say, Plan A?).

The majority of the readers of this blog are my friends and family. I have several dear friends and some much loved family who have been blessed supporters of this blog and me. 

I want you to know this:  I love you all so much that I am delighted not only to share the gospel of God with you, but my life as well, because you really are dear to me.

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