Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Our Weekend Adventure

Our little adventure has come to an end and we are back home.  I am also back to blogging.  We were so blessed to hop in the van and drive and drive to see the Scientist and the Nurse this past weekend. 

Hubby, the Engineer, and I took Dad and Mom along for the ride.  It was a great visit.  It was a makes-this-momma's-heart-happy kind of weekend.  Of course, I still kept on track with my February Quests during our little adventure.

Flossing & Exercising
I made sure to pack my little flossing picks, so I still flossed every day.  I also found a way to exercise each day.  Yesterday we walked and walked and walked all over the Scientist's college campus.  It was a gorgeous day and we enjoyed the beautiful campus and time together. 

It was Mom and Dad's first visit to the campus.  We had a fun time touring with them and introducing them to the Scientist's friends.  And did I mention we walked and walked?  It was great exercise. 

Today, we had a long drive home, so there really wasn't much opportunity to exercise.  I also noticed that my knee is hurting again as well.  So today, I just did a few leg lifts and lifted my weights and called it good.  I really want to get my knee back to normal.

Share Love
It was a love-filled last few days for our family.  We truly value our time together.  It was a quick trip, but packed with love moments.  The first night, Mom, Dad, Hubby, the Engineer, the Scientist, the Nurse, and friends Supergirl and the Computer Whiz gathered around a table to laugh, talk, play games, and share love through homemade food. 

We arrived with containers filled with love.  Mom made chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies.  I made brownies and chocolate chip muffins.  As you can imagine, they were greatly enjoyed by all.  The Scientist has wonderful friends (including his roommate, the Music Man) in his life and we love that they enjoy spending time with us when we visit the campus.

Sunday morning we were blessed to attend church together as a family.  As you may remember, a couple days ago, I shared some of the wonderful sermon we heard that morning.  A special part of the service I loved, was when the pastor encouraged the parents in the congregation to hug their children.  Hubby and I happily hugged the Engineer, the Scientist, and the Nurse.  Then Mom and Dad hugged me.  How special was that?  That was definitely a love moment.  And we shared it as a family.

Of course there were several more opportunities to share our love through food as we ate several meals together at some of our favorite places.  Those meals included time to pray together as a family as well as time to laugh together.  We also enjoyed interesting conversations filled with great thoughts and fun stories. 

We spent a bit of time hugging, encouraging, and supporting while we were there.  Sometimes college can be stressful and a little love can be just what a student needs to keep going. 

We returned home having accomplished all our goals for the weekend, the most important of course was - we shared love.

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