Friday, February 1, 2013

My Favorite Love Story

Happy February!  This morning when I remembered it was the first day of the month, I have to say I was a little excited to kick off my next set of Quests: Floss Every Day, Exercise Every Day, and Share Love Every Day
Floss Every Day
Don't worry, I'm really not going to post stories about my flossing habits (or lack there of...) every day for a month.  While you might find that incredibly exciting if you are a dentist, I'm not aware of any dentists who regularly read this blog, and I personally don't find flossing exciting at all.
However...after Day 1 of Flossing, I come away with these three random thoughts:
  1. Now I remember why I don't like doing this...I'm the middle child.  My teeth weren't "that bad", so I didn't get braces.  I came to terms with my slightly crooked bottom teeth years ago.  There's much more to me than my teeth.  I don't even really think about it.  It's very rarely in my conscious thought at all.  Now, I'll be thinking about it every day as I desperately try to jam the floss down between my crammed together teeth.  It's really a difficult job for the professionals...I'm most certainly an amateur.  How am I supposed to be able to do it? 
  2. As Hubby warned me last night, and I am already experiencing it this morning - my gums are going to be sore.  They aren't used to it, and as I mentioned before I am an extremely untrained amateur.
  3. I feel so much more healthy.  I'm making a wise choice.  It's the same feeling I get when I manage to eat some yogurt.  I'm being a grown up and doing something good for my health.
Now with that being said, hopefully I can keep to a minimum the amount of information I'll be posting on my personal flossing habits.

I'll just start this off with a disclaimer as well.  I don't plan to post much on my actual exercising plan this month. 

Having said that, I did begin my running program today - C25K.  It's a great app on my phone that helps me build up running each day and can literally take someone who was just sitting on the couch to running a 5K in 8 weeks time. 

I did it a couple years ago with Hubby and it was an amazing experience because I am not a runner...I have never been a runner...I'm short and curvy -I don't have a runner's body, and yet I did learn to run.  Things "came up" and we didn't make it through the complete program, but by the time we stopped, I was running 20 minutes at a time.  That was truly amazing because when we began the program I could barely run for 60 seconds with a two minute walking break.

Starting the program again wasn't nearly as hard as it was the first time I did it.  I think the 2 miles I've been walking each day for a month really helped.  It just didn't seem that back with me by the end of the month and we will see how I'm feeling about this running thing then...

For today, though, Week 1 - Day 1 of C25K- complete!

Share Love
I thought it would be appropriate to kick off February and my Share Love Every Day Quest with The Story of Us.  Hubby and I have been Us for a long time.  We met and became friends in August 1984, began dating in December 1986, I said/shouted "YES!" in December 1987, we walked the aisle and said "I do" in June 1989, and we have lived happily ever after since. 

Of course it hasn't been all Rosie all the time, but it sure has been close.  Even during the difficulties we lived happily together.  For that, I am extremely thankful.  Thankful.  It's the first word that comes to mind when I think of Hubby and our marriage.  I'm just so...thankful. 

He's a good guy.  I try to be a good gal.  We work to be a team.  We don't always pull it off, but when we don't, we are quick to come together and fix it.  I think the best compliment we have ever received was from our boys.  They have expressed they want marriages like ours.  Yeah.  That touched my heart.  Deeply.  I want that for them as well, because, Hubby and I - we've got a good thing going.

We were incredibly young high school kids when we first met in Performing Arts class at our small town high school.  He played sports.  I was on the yearbook staff.  He received all kinds of awards for his academic greatness.  I was a class officer.  We acted, sang, and danced in high school musicals and swing choirs together. 

What started out as a great friendship, grew into a great love story.  It took a while.  He asked me out a few times, things just didn't click at first, but our friendship remained strong.  He likes to say he chased me for two years.  I like to add that I've been chasing him ever since.  True story.

As I have mentioned before, we are opposites in many ways, but over the years we have learned to accept those differences in each other.  We have even learned to understand and compromise in many of those same areas.  We have come to love each other's different perspective, even when we don't necessarily understand or agree with it. 

That really adds to the Happily Ever After part.

We have been blessed from the beginning.  We were really really young.  We didn't have a clear understanding of what we were getting into when we got married, (but does anyone really?) and yet we have managed to grow, learn, and love together. 

Over the years I have been introduced to many great love stories.  I have read about them in books and magazines.  I have watched them on TV and at the movies.  I have heard about them from family, friends, or even the news.  True stories or fiction - there are a lot of sweet sweet stories out there, but there is no doubt, our Love Story - The Story of Us - is still my favorite. 

Of course, there's a lot more to our love story, so stay tuned, and I'm sure I'll share more as we go along. 

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