Monday, February 11, 2013

Making God Chuckle?

It's been a couple of busy busy days, but thankfully I have been able to fulfill my February Quests.  I didn't get a chance to blog yesterday, so let's catch up today.

Flossing & Exercise
Eleven days into this Quest and I'm still flossing and I'm still exercising.  Yesterday, I walked on the treadmill, but I increased my speed and my knee felt fine, so today I actually ran again.  With the support of my knee brace and running at a fairly slow pace, I was able to complete the C25K 30 minute run today without any issues.  I'm feeling like I am back on track!

Share Love
Yesterday I shared love with someone by giving of my time and attention.  I was completely happy to be able to do both and I know that taking the time to listen and encourage was a way I could love someone who means a lot to me.

Today I worked on several plans I have to Share Love with others in the coming days.  These plans include a card I'm giving someone, treats I'm going to make, and a trip we are going to take soon to love on some people.  I also began planning a get-together this summer with family to celebrate love. 

While I did not actually do any of these acts of love today, the planning is important and it means I can pull off these loving events.  Of course, the point of each of these plans is to make those involved feel loved.

With all this focus on Sharing Love this month, I am finding that my words, my actions, my reactions, and my thoughts tend to be more loving.  With this mindset, I realize I have become a bit more sensitive to harsh words, ugly actions, negative reactions, and destructive thoughts - especially when they come from me...

I am so glad I choose to make my Quest to Share Love this month.  I originally thought that if I focused on this Quest, it would help others feel more loved.  In the end, I am realizing it is having a major affect on my Rosie Outlook as well. 

I bet some days God gets such a chuckle out of watching me.....

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