Sunday, February 3, 2013

Loving My Football Loving Man

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!  Whether you like watching the game or not, I hope you have had a super Sunday.  We woke up to several inches of snow today!  Thankfully it was a sunny day even if it was still very cold. 
After a busy morning of flossing, going to church, lunching out, and shopping at Target, we came home to prepare for the Super Bowl.  Before the game started, I headed downstairs to run/walk on the treadmill.
Floss & Exercise
I flossed this morning and finished Week 1 - Day 2 of C25K this afternoon.  Unfortunately I tweaked my knee during the running part, so now it's sore.  I hope it's nothing big and will be fine in a day or two.  I think it's more proof that my body is not made for running. 
Share Love
This will be short and sweet today, because I am currently watching the Super Bowl with my Hubby.  And that is exactly how I am sharing love today.  I'm not a big football fan.  I would much rather watch a basketball or baseball game, but Hubby is a huge football fan. 
Hubby really loves football season.  It's something he looks forward to the entire off season.  At times it can honestly be a little annoying, but since it's just a few months out of the year, I try to be understanding.

Super Bowl Sunday actually brings a mix of emotions for Hubby.  While he usually enjoys the "big game", it also marks the end of another football season, which is sad for him.  During the entire season, he really likes watching all the games and listening to sports shows both on TV and radio discuss the game. 

Occasionally we go to a Super Bowl party, a few times we have thrown a party on Game Day, but usually we just watch it quietly at home.  I make some snacks and we settle in the living room and watch the game together. 
The truth is because I don't really care for football, I am personally a bit relieved when the season is over.  However, knowing how much Hubby enjoys it, I feel bad for him when the whole thing is over for another season. 
No, The Super Bowl is not a big exciting event for me, but I am happy to sit next to Hubby during the game, chatting with him about the TV commericals, watching the replays of the exciting plays, and snacking on goodies with him while he gives me his opinion on the game.   I am happy to share in the day with Hubby.  I relish my time with him as he enjoys the game.  It's a love thing.

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  1. "After a busy morning of flossing"...haha! You crack me up!


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