Thursday, February 14, 2013

In Our Family, Food Is Love

Love it or dread it, Valentine's Day is here.  Oh, I hope it was a day filled with love for you. 

For us, it was a day filled with food...and love.  I'll get to that in a bit, but first let's talk about my February Quests.

Flossing & Exercising
A love inspired day or not, I still had flossing to do and I did it.  After surviving that, I headed downstairs for a brisk walk on the treadmill.  Then I spent a good deal of the day aching.  Yes, aching.  My gums ache from flossing and my legs ache from running.  I'm not sure if it's a sign of my age or of progress.  I'm hoping it's the latter and I will soon be flossing and exercising without the pain.

Share Love
As I alluded to above, it was a food day around here.  Of course it was because it was also a love day. And as you learned yesterday, food is love in our family.   I come from a long tradition of food = love.  All the special occasions in my family centered around food.  We never got together without a table piled with homemade goodness.  We still don't. 

And it wasn't just at home with the family.  The church I grew up in also did a lot of "fellowshipping".  It wasn't hard to find a reason to attach a covered dish potluck to any given church event.  My mouth waters just thinking about the church basement stuffed full of people gathered around tables of everyone's best dishes.  Ooooooh, yes, and the dessert table....filled with every kind of pie, cake, cookie, or cobbler you can think of...sitting there already sliced and ready for picking.

Hubby grew up in a very similar fashion with great cooks known for special dishes.  We both felt comfortable at those family gatherings with either family piling our plates high as we made our way around a buffet covered kitchen table.  Nothing can compare to the smells of homemade cooking.

After Christmas Hubby and I decided to put some effort into eating better...and less.  We've done pretty well with it.  Hubby, of course, is dropping the weight at a great pace...mine is coming off a bit slower.  We are totally like the commercial where the cartoon husband shrinks to half his size and the wife barely changes.  But I'm happy for Hubby...truly I doesn't bother me at all that it's SO much easier for  Happy.

Anyway, we have been pleased with our efforts, but love day was upon us and we show love with food.  Don't judge us - blame our moms.  It's the way we were raised. 

Naturally, we began celebrating a couple days ago,'s love day, right?  On Tuesday I made Hubby and the Engineer's favorite meal - homemade spaghetti and meatballs.  Yesterday, Hubby took us out to eat and we had a fairly large meal compared to what we had been eating.

Today I made heart shaped chocolate chip muffins and scrambled eggs for breakfast.  Later in the afternoon, I whipped up some heart shaped brownies.  And wouldn't you know it?  Just as I am pulling the brownies from the oven, in walks Hubby with mini Dairy Queen Blizzards.  And yes, he got my all time favorite (which is a special order) - Turtle Pecan with banana added.  I know - banana - how funny is that?  Thankfully I'm not picky about how ripe my banana must be.  It was delicious.

I had also picked up some peanut butter chocolate hearts for Hubby and the Engineer.  To be sure they weren't left out, I mailed some Valentine treats to the Scientist and the Nurse last week as well. 

Now I sit here a bit over-sugared (if that's a word).  My teeth are aching from all the sweets I've eaten today.  I end the day of love with aching legs, gums, and teeth.  At the moment, I'm really glad that Valentine's Day only comes once a year, because I'm not sure I could hold up if it came along more than that!

Oh yes!  I almost forgot!  Hubby did take me out last night to get Sparkly Green Earrings (the book, not actual earrings that are green and sparkly).  I am so excited, because I hope to have a bit of time this weekend to read it. 

I got Hubby some kind of tool that he really wanted and kept debating about whether he should get it.  I finally said, "Just order it" - so he did.  Happy Valentine's Day, Hubby!  Yes...we are so romantic like that. 

My heart is full.  My stomach is full.  I am loved.

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  1. I'm glad the Scientist and I were both raised by families where Food=Love(:


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