Saturday, February 23, 2013

I Laughed...I Cried...It Moved Me

Another day in February and another day of completing my February Quests

Flossing & Exercising
Once again, I suffered through flossing this morning and because we had some running around to do today, I put off exercising until the evening, but I completed Week 2 - Day 2 of C25K.

What I really want to tell you about today is my Share Love Quest.

Share Love
Yesterday since I was not feeling well and spent a good deal of the day in my Hug Chair, I decided it was the perfect time to finally read my Valentine's Day gift from Hubby:  the new book by my favorite blogger (The Big Mama Blog): Melanie Shankle - Sparkly Green Earrings.

Many of Melanie's readers were posting a photo of themselves purchasing her book on her Facebook page, so instead of buying the book and wrapping it up, Hubby asked if I would like to go along to get a picture in the bookstore.  I thought it was all terribly romantic and we had a hilarious time taking about 10 or so photos to get just the right shot.  My hair looked best in this one, although I always wish I wouldn't smile so big...
Of course, there was a funny part...after a few rejected (by me) takes, a lady moved into the same section where we were.  That's when I became quite self-conscious and didn't want her seeing us taking photos of me, so we had to act like we were looking for a special book while she took FOREVER perusing the shelves in that aisle. 
Not only that, but nearby, a lady was talking so loudly on her cell phone, I'm pretty sure everyone in this very large Barnes & Noble bookstore heard her.  It was quite noticeable and after several minutes of her earsplitting conversation, I commented on it to Hubby.  Well, wouldn't you know a couple minutes later, she finished her noisy conversation and then came into our aisle.  And guess what?  She spoke to the lady in the aisle with us! 
Oh yes, they were together and I'm pretty sure the lady looking at books heard me comment on how very loud and (did I possibly say?) rude the oblivious phone talker was.  Ugh.  Finally, they moved on and we finished up our photo session...and dare I say...made an amusing Valentine Day memory. 
So yesterday afternoon, I snuggled into the Hug Chair, with the Twins curled up on my lap, and read and read and read.  I read well over half of the book, before Hubby came in the door from work and we gathered in the kitchen for a bite to eat. 
After supper I went back to reading, and while I didn't finish the book last night, I did enjoy reading several truly funny parts to Hubby aloud.  As I headed upstairs to bed, I carried the book with me to lay on my bedside table before drifting off to sleep. 
This morning, I awoke to beautiful beautiful sunshine, grabbed the book off the bedside table, and decided to pick up where I left off yesterday.  Soon I was once again laughing and reading aloud to Hubby.  I'm so glad he was willing to indulge me and allow me to share my enjoyment of her writings with him.  We laughed and laughed these past two days.
After getting ready for the day, we hopped in the van to take the Engineer to drum lessons and while we waited in the car, I continued reading (to myself, and then again out loud to Hubby).  After drums, we enjoyed a delightful lunch and then headed home, guessed it, I settled back into the Hug Chair to finish Sparkly Green Earrings
In this sweet memoir, Melanie shares the fun and craziness of raising her daughter from birth to eight years old.  She shares the heartache and joys of mothering in this beautiful and (as I have already proved) laugh-out-loud-funny book that will not only make you laugh, but make you cry.  I will say while I found myself laughing much more than crying, there was a quote from a service at her church that really got me. 
By the end of the book, I was patting myself on the back about keeping the tears in check (only brimming in my eyes) but then, it the very last chapter on page 214 out of 215 pages.  I had already been through the entire book, feeling all that motherhood emotion (All the Feelings) when the tears just flowed from my eyes. 
It was something a worship leader said about motherhood at a Mother's Day service at Melanie's church.  She said this, "When we loosen our grip, He tightens His."  As you know, our Scientist is far far away at college and this momma misses him terribly.  This quote made me think of him. 
I'm so thankful that even though I can't be there to see him through every day of college, God is.  And He does.  So much better than I ever could.  Our Scientist is taking a tough load this semester and some of his days are quite stressful.  When he calls and we talk about that, I remind him of this: God has already equipped him with what he needs to accomplish what God has planned for him.  God goes before us and plans it all out. It's Plan A
This also had me thinking about the fact that our Engineer will soon get his driver's license and before I know it, finish up high school and head off to college himself.  I struggle every day with holding on too tight with him.  He's my baby.  My last child at home.  I already know what a huge change occurs when a child goes off to college.  I've experienced it and I know what I am facing. 
And yet, I am excited for him and his future, just as I am for his brother.  So while the thought of me loosening my grip is not fun, I know it is necessary...for many reasons.  And the best one is to give God room to tighten His.  And truly, I really want them both to be in God's grip, not mine. 
As I wiped the tears from my eyes, I sent a text to our Scientist and let him know I loved him.  And I may or may not have used one too many emoticons.  I've been busted for that from him before.  Then I hugged our Engineer and held him close for a bit.  Maybe a bit too long, but he let me without protest.  That's love. 
Thanks Big Mama for putting into words how precious and amazing this journey of motherhood is. 
I have loved every minute of it. 
Even those times I wanted to run screaming from it.  Even those times I cried with a crying baby.  Especially those times I stood in the doorway and watched a sleeping little boy.  Especially those times I sat in the big blue rocker with two sweaty little wiggly guys reading Chicka Chicka Boom Boom for the 152nd time. 
Even when the boy sitting next to me possessing a new driver's permit corrected my driving.  Even when I didn't recognize the sound coming out of my own throat as we pulled away from a college campus for the first time with only three people in the van.  Especially when that same night I got a text that read "I love you mom.  I miss you, but I'm OK".  Especially when a sweet teenage boy gently kisses me on the forehead when I have a headache. 
Motherhood is...well, there's just no other word for's LOVE.  You give it and get it back in a way that can't even be measured.
Yes, read the book.  Enjoy it.  And then love on the kiddos in your life.
P.S.  While Hubby did not read the book himself, he says he thoroughly enjoyed the parts I read to him.  Two thumbs up from us.


  1. Rosemary, I bought this book for my nook about a week ago. I've only read the first 2 chapters but I've already laughed (a LOT!) and cried. I think she is really writing about ME...we are soooo similar! I'm now calling my husband "Grandpa Walton"! :-D

  2. Ha! Love it!! Mine can be a Grandpa Walton sometimes too. :)


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