Friday, February 8, 2013

Sparkly Green Earrings

It was a damp, cloudy, cold, beef stew making kind of day around here.  My thoughts sure go out to all the East Coasters enduring the storm bearing down on them tonight.  Thankful that our weather wasn't full of snow, ice, and wind, I focused on my February Quests today.

Floss & Exercise
First thing this morning I checked flossing and exercise off my daily "to do" list.  Thankfully my knee is making a good comeback, and I walked for 35 minutes on the treadmill this morning without any pain. 

I started off without the knee brace, but after a few minutes, I stopped and put it on.  My knee just didn't feel as strong as I thought it should, and I felt much safer walking with it on.  Not sure yet what I'll do tomorrow, but I'm feeling good about my progress.  I also lifted my hand weights as well.

Share Love
To quote the Gourmet Hostess, "Here's a funny"....

The other day I told Hubby that all I really wanted for Valentine's Day was Sparkly Green EarringsHis response was, "Oh no.  Great."  I was surprised by his reaction because I had mentioned this to him before, and I was sure it would be an easy, inexpensive gift to buy at a store that he actually enjoys shopping in now and then. 

As the conversation progressed, I realized he thought I wanted him to buy me earrings...that were sparkly...and green.  Nooooooooooooooooo. 

As I have mentioned before, Hubby is a guy's guy.  He will shop for jewelry for me, but he does not like it.  He doesn't have confidence in his jewelry shopping abilities.  Now I will say, most of the time I have loved whatever little baubbles he has chosen for me.  There's only been a time or just wasn't me so much.  I'm pretty sure I trust his jewelry buying judgement more than he does.  But I also really really like jewels...especially from him.

Anyway...I wasn't asking for earrings for Valentine's Day, no, I was requesting a book.  It's a brand new, just released today book by my favorite blogger - Big Mama herself - Melanie Shankle. 

I have been reading the Big Mama Blog for years and I just love her funny dry wit writing style.  I find her stories about her family so relatable, that I often read them aloud to Hubby.  He will indulge me and listen politely, because 1) he knows I really enjoy it and 2) she makes him laugh as well. 

I think Melanie and I would be great friends if we knew each other in real life.  I also think her husband and my Hubby would find they have a lot in common...especially when it comes to their wives...

So...back to my story...when Hubby understood what I was actually talking about, he was greatly relieved.  Yes, I think it's like the best gift idea I ever gave him. 

Some girls want flowers, diamonds, or romantic getaways for Valentine's Day.  Me?  I just want a book...written by my imaginary friend...who is a real person...but doesn't know me...and that's not weird or anything....I'm sure.

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  1. I just read a page of "Big Mama Blog" and was laughing out loud! I think I may have to start making it a daily thing (like with yours!)


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