Friday, February 22, 2013

Even I Love a Snow Day

The Midwest was slammed yesterday with snow and ice, and we finally got a Snow Day out of it!  Well, at least half a day, anyway.  I have to say it came at a good time since we were still recovering from our quick trip to visit our Scientist over the weekend.

Even though the weather didn't actually move into our area until mid morning, most schools and many businesses were closed down for the day.  Almost everything that remained open closed down by noon.  Hubby came home from work early, so our Engineer was given an "early out" from school.  We popped some popcorn and stayed inside thankful for a warm home.

Truly, I started this post last night, but didn't finish it or get it posted because our family was busy enjoying our Snow Day.  The best way I could Share Love yesterday was to spend it with Hubby, our Engineer, and even our Scientist (via FaceTime). 

Sometime in the night I heard the city workers out blading the snow off our street in front of our house.  I think a lot of people enjoyed another Snow Day today, but for our family, we were back to work and school.  And of course, I completed my February Quests for both days as well.

Flossing & Exercising
Both yesterday and today I checked flossing off my list.  Yesterday, I walked on the treadmill and lifted some weights.  I recently decided to extend my weight lifting a bit and I am finding that I am able to do more.  Progress! 

I wore my knee brace while walking, and even though I moved along at a pretty brisk pace, my knee felt just fine.  Hopefully I am making progress with that as well!

Today, I awoke with a headache and I just didn't feel up to exercising this morning, so I snuggled into the Hug Chair with a couple of warm puppies and drank hot tea.   

Later in the day, I did a few exercises to strengthen my knee and called it a day in the exercise department.  I really spent a good deal of the day in the Hug Chair willing my head to feel better while I looked out over our snow covered backyard.  It looks so pretty and reminded me of Snow Days of old...

Share Love
Who doesn't love a Snow Day?  Growing up in the Midwest, we usually got a few Snow Days each school year.  I remember as a kid sprawled out on the floor in front of the TV hoping my school's name would scroll across the bottom on the list of schools closing for the next day. 

It was always SO exciting when we found out before going to bed that our school would be closed the next day.  We would jump around the living room in our pajamas cheering and hollering.   It usually meant Mom and Dad would allow us to stay up a little later.  Of course the next day, we were probably up earlier than usual, because we couldn't wait to get out there and play in the snow!

Mom would bundle us up in bulky winter coats with mittens hanging from a string at the end of each sleeve.  She would wrap knitted scarves around our necks and after layering a couple pairs of socks on our feet, help us pull our rubbery boots over our tennis shoes. 

If you are now picturing the Malto-Meal Kid from 1980...then you have a correct and complete picture.

Sister and I would then trudge through the snow like the Michelin Tire Man.

Making snow angels was my favorite snowy activity.  Mom would bundle up with us and help us roll huge balls into a snowman.  I even remember one night when the snow fall started early and the full moon reflecting off of the snow made it so bright out that we could easily play in the snow even though it was probably around 9:00 pm. 

Mom helped us build a huge snowman that night.  I can still see us in the front yard of our little white house that sat behind my parent's hardware store in the little town where I spent a good deal of my childhood.  That memory just makes me smile.

After Mom went back inside, Sister and I would enjoy a little snowball fight before the cold made us shiver.  Finally, we tromped back into the house for some hot chocolate with little marshmallows floating on top.  Yes, our Snow Day brought back some wonderful memories from a pretty blessed childhood. 

The day also reminded me of another Snow Day from our years living out West.  We lived in a couple different areas of the country that really didn't get snow.  One year our Engineer wanted "to just play in the snow" for his birthday.  So, we traveled up into the mountains a bit until we found deep piles of untouched snow.  We pulled off to the side of the road and trekked out into the woods and played on a snowy hillside for several hours. 

How many times did Hubby drag that sled back up the hill so the boys could jump on it and ride it back down to the bottom until they crashed into a pile of snow?  I snapped lots of pictures and later framed them and hung them on our walls to remind us of our cold Snow Day when the temperatures soared outside our Western home.  Good memories.

While I am not a huge fan of cold, wet, or ice, I do love a beautiful snow fall.  Yes, I can admit it, I enjoyed yesterday.  Even I love a Snow Day every once in a while...

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  1. Helped me re-live some great snow days!!! Wish I had more with my kids!!! Haven't lived in too many snowy locales and now they are too big! Well my daughter made me promise to make a snowman next time we get a big snow!!!
    Tea queen


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