Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Twins

Happy Sunshiny Day to you!  The sun shined and warmed us up a bit today!  I hope it was a day filled with beauty wherever you are. 

I accomplished my January Quests for today which adds to the Rosie Outlook around here.

I had a little trouble getting my netbook computer going this morning, so while I waited on it to decide to wake up, I lift my little hand weights. 

After a little wait, I was able to access the Internet, and I realized it was Wednesday - which meant there was a new "Wednesdays with Beth" episode on the Life Today website.  Yea!  I watched today's video and it was really good. 

Then I watched another one in the archives and I still had a little bit to go to get to two miles, so I read a little on the computer while I walked.  I found out that works WAY better than trying to read something on my phone while I walk on the treadmill!

Thankfully today's walk went by fairly quickly and I was ready to get on with the tasks of the day.

The Engineer and I completed another day of high school.  Then we were off to pinky therapy and um...maybe donuts.  Well we were driving right by there...and it's the Engineer's birthday week...and I've been walking every day on the treadmill...and all really like donuts.

And so anyway, it turned out to be a very good thing I walked on the treadmill this morning.  After enjoying a tasty donut, I got comfy in the Hug Chair to write. 

I don't usually sit in the Hug Chair alone.  At any point I dare to sit down in the Hug Chair, I usually have one, maybe two little adorable puppies that want to sit with me.   Well, honestly, let's face it - they clamber to sit with me if there isn't a better option (the Engineer, the Scientist, Hubby, or..even company). 

While I enjoy their companionship and (in the winter) their warmth, it does get a little crowded in the Hug Chair, especially when I have my laptop on my lap and I'm trying to write....which seems to be their favorite time to love on me.

Write Something
Years ago, when we decided to add a dog to our family, we went to a local shelter looking for a dachshund.  We were really hoping they had one....and they did....well...sort of.  When they took us back to see the dogs, we scanned them looking for a cute little dachshund, and discovered they had a very big one. 

Turns out she was dachshund/lab mix.  She looked like a blown up dachshund with chocolate lab hair and a lab face.  They let her out of the pen and she took off like a rocket across the play yard.  And that was that.  We took our 40 pound daschlab home to be a member of the family.  For the first time, I was no longer the only girl in the house.

Sophie Girl proved to be a girly girl too.  She was talkative and loving.  She didn't like getting her feet wet or muddy.  She didn't care for the cold, but loved to sunbathe.  She loved to snuggle.  She was an awesome dog.  And we loved her.  Everyone who met her loved her.  Everyone thought she was an awesome dog.  And they were right.

Our sweet Sophie Girl

As you may remember me sharing, shortly after we moved, Sophie Girl passed away suddenly.  Our hearts were broken.  And once again I was the only girl in the house. 

After much family discussion and deciding it was just too quiet in the house, a few months later we welcomed our Twins (a boy and a girl) into in the family.

Meet Tough Dog...
(and yes, he's in the Hug Chair)

And his twin sister, Cat Dog...

I know...they are adorable.  Truth be told, it's their saving grace many days.  And no, these are not their real names, but what started out as holding onto a little bit of family privacy, has turned into a fun game of Blog Names. 

Tough Guy really does think he's the biggest baddest dog around.  He has no problem with madly barking at any of the neighboring dogs...who all happen to be literally ten times his size.  They sometimes stand and look at him in bewilderment while he runs around barking furiously.  Yeah...he's a Tough Guy.

Earlier today as I was writing this blog, he jumped up on the Hug Chair with me.  At that moment, I got a phone call.  I was on the phone just a matter of 10-15 minutes.  In that amount of time, Tough Guy managed to publish this blog post while it was still a work in progress.  It was a mess.  I had unfinished paragraphs, misspelled words, some of it was out of order, and I was right in the middle of a sentence. 

By the time I realized it, someone had already read it.  Ugh.  Thanks Tough Guy.  How fun that you, a dog, managed to publish my post about my dogs while I was in the middle of it.  Ok, even I will admit that's actually pretty funny!

Miss Cat Dog is exactly what her name implies.  She is a dog...who acts like a cat.  It's weird, and cute, and strange, and funny all at the same time.  Don't believe me?  She purrs, she arches her back, at times she won't come when she's called, she can be aloof, despondent, and HATES going outside to take care of her a dog.  She always acts so humiliated when we send her outside.

On the other hand, she can at times play the dog role really well too: chewing on dog toys, barking like crazy at anyone who dares to come near our house, and sometimes...sometimes she will even come when you call her name.

The Twins have added life to our home in a wonderful way.  They are a lot of work, but also full of a lot of love.  And our house is never quiet anymore...

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