Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sometimes You Just Have to Wait...

Waking up to rain usually makes me struggle with a Rosie Outlook before I even get out of bed.   Today it was cold and rainy.  To me that is not a good combination!  Thankfully, it is Sunday (my most favorite day of the week) and I just cannot be too gloomy on a Sunday.  So, I pushed aside the gloom that hangs over me on a rainy day, and focused on my January Quests.

As I have mentioned in a previous post, once I started walking regularly again on the treadmill in the basement, Hubby and I worked on a little setup to entertain me while I walked. 

Here is my first setup - a netbook computer bungee corded to a ladder.  I was happy with it - it worked.

This afternoon, Hubby spent some time working in his workshop area in the basement.  Even upstairs, I could hear him banging and sawing.  It made me happy that he was enjoying some time with his tools.

Tonight, I headed downstairs to lift my little weights and walk on the treadmill, and this is what Hubby had made me this afternoon.  I guess I should say he made it for us, since he now uses the treadmill regularly as well.

Pretty nice, don't you think?  I sure do!  And now I really have no excuse to walk on the treadmill.  I can watch TV, browse the Internet, or watch a video.  It's just as good as being at the gym! And with such a great setup, this Quest will not be ending with January.  No, I will continue this Exercise Every Day Quest in February.

Write Something
This evening I spent quite a while writing my post for today.  Hubby (my editor) thought it was good, but maybe needed a little reworking.  I was already thinking I needed to spend some more time on it as well.  I knew what I was trying to say, but it was kind of "wordy" and unclear. 

Sometimes I rush what I'm going to write to get it posted before I go to bed.  Later, the next day, when I read it, I find errors or wish I had taken more time with it.  Today I wrote a post that I think you might enjoy, but I want to work on it a little more before I post it here. 

So while I did fulfill my Write Something Quest today, you will have to come back tomorrow to read it.  Hopefully it will be worth the wait!


  1. Love that setup. I'm jealous; I can only watch TV!
    No surfing. So thoughtful of hubby!
    Tea Queen

  2. It is a fantastic set up. I love it and it really helps me want to go down there and do it. Otherwise I get so bored!


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