Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sharing a Favorite Picture

Happy Sweet Sunday to You!  Oh how I love Sundays.  Our big outing of the day consisted of a trip to church and out to lunch. After that it was a pretty relaxing day while I rested in the Hug Chair with our Twins and played word games with Hubby while he enjoyed some football. I also read a little.  Sunday is normally such a blessed day of rest for our family and thankfully, today was such a day for me.

If you have been following me the last few days, then you know I am recovering from an icky flu which has altered my goals, but not my Rosie Outlook toward my January Quests.

While I fully planned to walk on the treadmill, even donning my "workout clothes" after church, I soon realized that I didn't feel up to it again today.  I have heard from a few others that have had a similar flu bug, and this one takes a few days to regain your strength.  I'm beginning to believe it.

So I will have to be okay with the bit of walking and stair climbing I included in my normal activities of the day. 

We attend a fairly large church with a fairly large parking lot, and this might surprise you, but we tend to arrive moments before the service is to begin.  It just so happens today was no exception.  Which means we did have a bit of a hike from the back parking lot to the church doors.  Someday maybe we will get there early and enjoy a gloriously short walk from the car to the curb.  Ah...a girl can dream.

I used the stairway in our home a few times today, as well, and it truly felt like a bit of exercise...which is how I knew I wasn't quite ready to return to the treadmill.  Well, that and the fact that I have found myself a bit dizzy or shaky a couple times while up and about today.  This has been one crazy flu!

So, I'll say it again....tomorrow my goal is to get back on that treadmill!  Fingers crossed!

Write Something
We enjoyed some beautiful music at church this morning.  It can be a very touching part of the service.  One of the songs we sang at the service referenced running to Jesus' arms.  I love that picture.  It's a picture we can all imagine. 

Will you picture this with me right now?  You, running into the arm of someone dear and special to you.  Maybe it's your father, mother, spouse, friend, sibling, or even child?  You might run to them in happiness after being separated for a long while; or in fear, maybe you run to them for protection.  It could be in sorrow or hurt as you look for comfort, or maybe as a way to show them your love.  There are many reasons to run into the arms of another. 

Think about how it feels when those arms reach out for you...or even better...when they wrap around you.  hmmmmmmm.  It's the best, isn't it? 

I believe we can feel the love of Jesus through the arms of others.  There are times when God may call us to be his earthly arms of love to show His love to others.  You might at times be a recipient of that.  Isn't that a glorious thought? 

But - here's an even better picture: 

Jesus is always standing with his arms open wide.  Just waiting for us.  Whenever we need Him.  Whenever we call on Him.  Whenever we decide to believe in Him.  Whenever we are ready to thank Him, love Him, praise Him, or ask anything of Him.  His is there to wrap his arms around us.  He is there to hold us close, to rejoice in our happiness, to soothe us from fears, to comfort us during sorrow, to love us, to protect us, to guide us, and day...welcome us home.

Oh...that is a picture...I truly love.

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