Friday, January 11, 2013

Many Differences and a Little Sparkle

Today we packed up our Scientist to ready him for his trip back to college tomorrow.  As you may have guessed, I struggled with having a Rosie Outlook.  It was a weird day, because I wanted to be happy and enjoy our time together, and yet this stinky little sad cloud hung over me all day.  And I hate stinky little sad clouds.

So I got on the treadmill and walked some of that gloominess away.

I did another two miles on the treadmill and lifted my little hand weights. Since I felt like I needed something lighthearted to watch today, I watched the first episode of Rachel vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-off on the Food Network website while I exercised.  It was enjoyable, but...uh...made me a little hungry...

Then after enjoying some happy family time throughout the day, I left my guys to get in some final gaming while I sat down to write a little bit about our family.

Write Something
It can be tough being the only girl in a house full of boys. I have, at times, likened it to "living in a locker room".  My guys are very boy boys. I'm a very girly girl. It makes for an interesting mix and much eye rolling around here.

I'm pretty sure the older I get, the girlier I get too.  I can't say for sure, but it might be my resistance to the locker roomishness of my life.
And yet, I love it. 
Several years ago we had new neighbors move in next door to us.  It was a couple with two children, a son in middle school, and a daughter in preschool.  Shortly after they moved in, I met the little girl when we were both outside.  She introduced herself to me and announced she was the princess of her house.  I shook her hand, introduced myself, and told her I too was the princess of my house.  We got along fabulously from that day on.
There are some advantages to being the princess of your house.  I rarely have to take the garbage out, scoop the dog area, or drag the trash can to the curb.  Thankfully, I don't have to carry or lift heavy items. 
The Engineer usually opens my car door for me when we are all getting in the vehicle.  It's the sweetest gesture.  I have never asked him to it.  His father has never told him to do it.  He just does it. 
When the guys are with me, I never have to pump gas.  One of them will always jump out and fill the tank for me.  They know I don't like doing it and I don't even have to ask.
When shopping with my guys, I always have someone to help push the cart, load the bags into the vehicle, and return the cart to the cart rack.  Of course when we get come home, I also have help carrying everything into the house.
I have not mowed the yard since the boys were tiny.  Having three guys around, means there is plenty of help with yard work.  Even when I trim the bushes and weed the flower bed, there's always someone there to help me gather all the greenery and load it into the trash can.
Yes it can be pretty awesome to be the only girl in the family...
However...there are times when I get tired of being outnumbered.  Like when we go to the movies or we all settle down to watch TV together.  I could use a few girly votes during such times.  Sometimes I get a bit bored with the gaming or scientific discussions that dominate our dinner conversations. 
But worst of all is the blank, uninterested stares I get when I come home arms loaded with great buys.  No one cares to see what I got or hear what a great price I paid.  That bums me a bit at times.
Over the years, the boys have become accustomed to my love of all things pink, ruffly, lacy, glittery, shiny, floral, and sparkly.  They accept that the house is going to smell like lavender.  They know we are going to use place mats under our plates at the table and coasters under our glasses.  They deal with the fact that towels must be folded neatly in the cabinet, that I expect their clothes to match, and that candles should have a beautiful scent. 
In our house you will find plastic Star Wars cups next to crystal goblets in the kitchen cabinet...a soft pinkish red Hug Chair sitting next to an overstuffed leather recliner in the living room...books of romance, heartwarming stories, and encouragement next to books about history, dragons, sword fights, and war in our book case...and three guys plus one girl sharing love, life, and laughter with many differences and a little sparkle.

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