Monday, January 21, 2013

It's Time for a Good Conversation!

Happily, I can report that I am most certainly on the road to recovery!  Today I felt much better and was able to return to exercising!  Okay...the fact that I am excited and relieved about that says a lot about the success of my January Quest
I can't really ever think of a time I was excited to get back to being able to exercise before.  In fact, in the past, I would have used such an event - such as being too ill for several days - as an opportunity to put exercising on the back burner and then eventually just let it go for good.
Amazingly, I was ready to get back to exercising so I wouldn't fall any further behind in my progress.
After taking it easy most of the day, early this evening, I felt I was well enough to get on the treadmill and take a bit of a walk.  Hubby joined me in the basement and did a little exercising and some other projects while I walked. 
We chatted a bit about his plan to fix up our workout area.  I am pleased with his ideas and look forward to how it will turn out.  I also read a couple blog posts and watched an interview while I walked. 
Thinking it would be better to ease into it, I walked at a slower pace than I had been before I fell ill.  My goal was to walk a mile.  I felt so good and decided I could go a little longer, so I actually walked 1.5 miles tonight! 

I wasn't worn out and felt like I could have maybe even gone a little further, but due to the fact that it was my first day back on the treadmill since coming down with the flu last week, I didn't want to push myself too much.
I also lifted my little hand weights and although I thought that might be difficult, I felt fine with that as well. I was afraid it might be like starting over again after not doing anything for several days and feeling so weak and wiped out from the illness, but thankfully I don't think I lost too much ground.
Write Something
I pulled out my computer earlier today and hoped to write something, but I just stared at the blank page for a while.  Then I pulled up some other writings I have been working on and tried to finish one of them, but I couldn't come up with the right words, so I put it aside to work on later. 
Now here I am later, still struggling with what to write today.  I think part of the problem is that it feels like a one-sided conversation.  I do all the talking.  Yes, it's true that I do love to chat and I'm not afraid to fill the silence with my voice (Hubby's words, not mine), but I actually love the back and forth of a good chat, not just hearing myself talk. 
Having said that, I have heard from a few of you.  I have received messages on My Rosie Outlook Facebook page, and one email at My Rosie Outlook email account.  So I have had a bit of feedback.  And yes, occasionally someone will even post a comment below one of my posts here. 
Honestly, though, I would love a good conversation!  Why do you read this blog?  What makes you check in to see what I have to say?  What do you enjoy reading about the most?  Has anything you've read here inspired you, encouraged you, frustrated you, upset you, made you laugh, or made you cry?  Is there something you would like for me to write about?  Are you tired of reading about the Hug Chair?  Do you wonder about something?  Do you see an area where I could improve?
I'm truly looking for any kind of feedback.  I'm not sure I knew my goal of this blog in the beginning, but as we go along, I realize I really want to inspire, encourage, and hopefully entertain you a bit.  I would love to do exactly what I taught my students to do when they were writing about something.  I told them I wanted their words to make me feel...act...or...think.  I would love for what I write here to do the same for you. 
It's hard for me to know though...when the conversation is pretty much one-sided.  Does what I write make you feel, act, or think?
So even though this may not be your Quest this I'm going to ask you to Write Something.  Not every day, but at least today.  Please, if you would, take a few minutes and comment below or send me a message via email or Facebook.  I would really love to hear from YOU.
*I have (hopefully) changed the settings to make commenting as easy as possible.  You don't have to leave your name, but in true My Rosie Outlook fashion, you are welcome to make up a "Blog Name" just for this site.*
So....tell me....I can take it.....What do you really think???


  1. hmmmmm....crickets......
    Yeah, I guess that didn't work. Well, thanks for reading anyway! I guess you do the reading and I'll do the writing. :)

  2. Hi Rosemary! I just now am getting caught up on the last few days of your blog. (sigh!) I have been thinking for the last week that I need to email or drop a note to encourage you and let you know that I'M READING YOUR BLOGS!! I'm sure many others are, too, but I can only speak for myself. I'm get behind sometimes and don't read for a few days, but I always go back and read for the days that I've missed. I LOVE your writing style and identify with SO MANY of the things that you say...keep it up...please??? Also letting you know that I am keeping my January quest...missed 2 days but caught back up, and you were the inspiration for that!! (even though you were sick you still managed to write that you were sick on your blog!) Thank you for your diligence...even though we don't always write back, you are a HUGE encouragement!!! Deirdre


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