Sunday, January 6, 2013


As you may have noticed, I picked two very different goals for my January Quest.  I really didn't expect them to connect, but surprisingly they have several times. Today they did again.  This Quest is turning into much more of an adventure than I ever expected. 

Exercise and Writing Something
I did another 2 miles on the treadmill today.  My legs were hurting and I was tired before I even hit the first mile.  Thankfully I had Beth Moore keeping me company via a video and even though I really wanted to stop early, I didn't. 

In case you didn't know - I love Beth Moore Bible studies.  I have never met her, but I think she and I would be great friends.  She does in-depth Bible studies and honestly, she goes over my head from time to time, but I learn so much and gain so much from each study that I do.  And she makes me laugh.  And...uh...sometimes she makes me cry too.

Shortly before Christmas, I ordered a new Beth Moore study.  After it arrived, it sat under a pile of papers on my desk until today.  This study came with a video of her speaking and a study guide to follow along and take notes.

I decided today while I walked I would watch the video, and then later I would sit down to watch it again and fill in the note taking part.  So I opened up the package and headed downstairs to walk, watch, and listen. 

Our basement is "unfinished".  It has a concrete floor and walls.  Everything is exposed including the pipes, wiring, and such.  The furnace and hot water heater sit down there along with our empty luggage, boxes of holiday decorations, keepsakes, extra house supplies, a few odd and ends, and the treadmill.  There is also one corner that is Hubby's workshop where he has all sorts of tools and woodworking equipment. 

So on Tuesday when I began exercising again, I went down there with my smart phone to entertain me while I walked.  A couple days into this new Quest, I remembered an old little netbook computer we had that no one was using.  I took it down there to see if I could watch videos on it while I walked. 

Much to my surprise and happiness, it worked.  I looked around the basement trying to figure out what I could sit it on and the only thing that I could find was Hubby's six foot ladder.  I set it up beside the treadmill, flipped the painter's tray down, and sure enough, my little mini laptop fit perfectly on it.  I thought it was quite ingenious.  I walked and watched my video.  It worked perfectly.

When Hubby discovered my new setup, he thought it was kind of funny, but he did the sweetest thing.  He used a bungee cord to secure the laptop to the ladder.  Later when I discovered his addition to my entertainment system, it made me smile.  He's always looking out for me and that ladder is a bit rickety.

So back to my story...I headed downstairs and popped my new Beth Moore video into the computer.  I walked.  I watched.  I took in what she was saying and it felt like she was speaking directly to me.  Tears welled in my eyes as I heard her speak directly to my situation.  It was just what I needed to hear. 

The whole study, by the way, is based on words.  Words.  Yeah.  And I didn't even remember that.  I ordered it because it was new and in my price range.

As I shared yesterday, I am finding this writing Quest to be much more difficult that I originally expected.  Part of it is because it is turning into something more than I had in mind.  The other part is that I am really laying it out there for you.  I'm sharing my faith in a way I have never really done before. 

It just so happens, during our Pastor's sermon this morning he talked about how we need to share our faith openly without reservation.

While my faith is a huge part of who I am and I don't hide it, I also don't normally write about it in a public forum for all the world to see.  I don't really care to be judged.  It's not one of my favorite activities.  I care more about what others think than I should.  So this is really a bit uncomfortable for me.  But clearly... and today it was crystal clear to me - this is what God is calling me to do.  Without any doubt.  Gulp.

My prayer is that it can be helpful and encouraging to any and all who read what I write.  Thank you for coming along on this Quest with me.  It seems to me it's going to be an quite an adventure...

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