Monday, January 28, 2013

Go Ahead and Rain

We awoke to rain again today, but thankfully the chill in the air blew away through the night.  Not only that, but by mid morning the rain was gone as well and we enjoyed an unusually warmish day in January in the Midwest. 

Our Engineer and I had a busy day with dentist appointments for both of us this morning followed by the final doctor visit for our Engineer's finger this afternoon.  We received good news at both appointments: no cavities and no more finger guard!  We both rejoiced that we can put the dentist off for another six months and after 11 weeks, our Engineer's finger is healed! 

After getting home from our round of appointments, I fixed dinner, we ate it, and then Skyped with our Scientist and Nurse. We had a great chat with them and it was good to look into their eyes and talk.  We encouraged them, and loved on them, and then sent them off to eat and study.  Finally, it was time to get to my January Quests for today.

With my fabulous new set up downstairs, I bopped down the steps trying to decide if I was going to watch TV, a video online, or catch up on some online reading while I exercised.  I actually turned on the TV, changed my mind, started a video, then changed my mind again, and finally decided to read one of my favorite blogs.  I was about half way through reading the post, when Hubby came downstairs to chat. 

We ended up having a serious heart to heart while I walked over two miles and lifted my weights.  It was one of those chats that a girl gets with a guy every great once-in-awhile that means something sweet and deep and just makes you love him even more.  We shared laughter and tears.  It was that good.

So after my exercise and our awesome chat, I came upstairs and settled into the Hug Chair to share with you what I wrote yesterday.  As you may recall, I wrote the majority of this post yesterday, but needed more time with it, so after some rewriting today, here it is.  But I must warn you...I use the word rain A LOT and even though I tried to fix that...well...I just couldn' the rain...

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As you may have guessed, I am not a big fan of rain. I'll admit I have some weird issues and weather is one of them. I think it just boils down to the fact that I really don't like any kind of weather.  I like sunshiny days with blue skies full of big white fluffy clouds. That's what I like.

A little breeze blowing the wind through my hair is nice, but not necessary - especially if it is going to bring sweeping winds. Snow is truly beautiful as it falls to the ground. I love to look at it blanketing the lawns and gently laying on the limbs of the trees, but when it makes driving dangerous and piles on the curbs turn dirty, I don't enjoy it anymore. I can't find anything positive to say about freezing rain, sleet, or ice storms.  I don't care for lightning or thunderstorms either.

While rain serves a much needed purpose in our ecosystem, I dread days that rain all day long. I do love the sound of pitter-pattering rain on the roof top and the smell in the air after a summer rain, but heavy downpours that bring storms and damage are of no interest to me.  Maybe I wouldn't mind it in very small doses...say for about 15 minutes.  That's probably my acceptable limit. 

I'm not certain where this great dislike for rain stems from, but it might be because when rainy weather moves in so do my sinus problems. I struggle with headaches and stuffed up sinus' - which is not enjoyable. When I woke up yesterday and today, I knew it was raining before I lifted my head from the pillow. First I felt it...then I heard it. 

Gloomy weather tends to make me feel gloomy and I really want to maintain a Rosie Outlook. 

And don't even get me started on what rainy weather does to my hair...if only giant frizzy bouffant dos were in style...

With my negative feelings toward rain, I'm sure it comes as no surprise to you that I normally think of rain as a bad thing in life.  There is a song titled "Jesus Bring the Rain" by MercyMe that talks about rain representing difficulties.

The song writer wrote this song after his son was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes. He says it was a simple reminder for him that God will get His glory even through the difficult times.

So while the rain represents the difficult times, the song writer points out that going through something hard doesn't change his love for God, because that relationship was set before the difficulty set in. Instead, the writer uses the difficulty as a opportunity to praise God for seeing him through the storm.

Besides the fact that rain represents "the something bad" in the song, I also love the message that when something bad (the rain) comes into your life, why should that change your feelings or relationship with God?  It's such a cool way to look at it. 

Often times, we - being human, want to blame God for the "rain" in our lives.  And while the Bible is clear that God does allow us to "experience rain" in our lives from time to time, He is also the one to walk with us in that rain.  I like to think He is holding the umbrella and guiding us through the storm.

Last spring, I was taking a Bible study where rain represented the positive side of life.  James 5 in the Bible talks about a farmer waiting between the rains. In this passage, the rain represents the good times, because in between the rains is the dry drought time or the difficult times.  The Farmer is waiting for the rain to nourish and grow his crops.  In this passage, rain is a very good thing.

Now I grew up among cornfields in the Midwest, and witnessed first hand how Grandpa watched the weather for rain or drought while he farmed his land.  And yet, I had never thought about this as a metaphor for our lives with the rainy times being the good times and the dry times being the difficult ones.  So rain can represent the blessings!  How amazing to think of it that way!

These truly are two beautiful ways to look at "rain" and our relationship with God. It certainly gives new meaning (and perspective) to that word for me. 

Meditating on the scriptures from James and listening to the words in that beautiful song, has changed my view on rain.  Now I can agree with MercyMe when they sing, "So tell me...what's a little rain?" 

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  1. Rosemary,
    Thank you for sharing your love with my daughter, the Nurse. Have you watched the Love Comes Softly movies? The healing rain motif runs throughout the series. Praying for an abundance of healing rain that brings healthy growth and new life.
    By grace, through faith,
    The Nurse's Mama


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