Thursday, January 10, 2013

From OshKosh to Levi

It was a rainy quiet day in our little corner of the world today.   I got to spend it with our two boys.  It was a cherished time together as our Scientist prepares to return to college far far away to finish out his sophomore year.  It's a tug at the heart for me to think about him returning, but I know he will be happy to get back to his routine, job, friends, and one special girl, the Nurse.

I'm glad he's happy when he is there, but I'm glad that he is happy to be home with us during his breaks as well.   It's a crazy time of life for our Scientist - half boy/half man.  Hubby and I are blessed to be his parents and see him through it.

Our Scientist and our Engineer are close brothers.  They enjoy gaming together, they love watching funny videos online, they like the same books, movies, TV shows, and sports.  They talk about history and science with each other.  They share much in common and their relationship blesses us greatly. 

From time to time our Scientist helps our Engineer study - even when he's away at college.  Our Engineer will call up his brother on Facetime and they will discuss his school work and study for tests together.  It makes me smile. 

While he's home during this semester break, our Scientist has pitched in to help our Engineer with science labs and prep for an upcoming test.  They worked on that today while I exercised.

I did a little over two miles on the treadmill this afternoon. Yes...I put it off until later in the day again today. I watched a video during part of the walk, and then thankfully, Hubby called to chat while I finished it up. 

After the walk, I lifted my little weights and realized even if they are light, we are making some progress because my arms were sore. I take that as a good sign!

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While I was doing laundry this evening, I pulled a pair of jeans out of the dryer that belong to our Engineer.  As I folded them it struck me how long they were.  Gone are the days of little tiny socks, itty-bitty OshKosh B'gosh Overalls, hooded towels, and footy pajamas. 

They've been gone for quite a few years now, but for some reason, when I pulled those jeans out of the dryer, it reminded me of those precious days of little tiny jeans. 

Maybe I'm feeling a little melancholy about our Scientist returning to school...

Those were good days for this momma.  I enjoyed being home with my little ones.  I have fond memories of busy mornings getting dressed, getting breakfast, and reading the Bible together. 

While Veggie Tales or Barney played on the TV, there would be sweet little voices making car driving noises, singing, laughing, and sometimes yelling.  I would be busy doing laundry, washing dishes, making meals, and working on whatever project I had going.  They would race cars on the tile floor, chase each other up and down the hallway, dance around the living room, and face off in lightsaber "fights".  

After lunch time things would quiet down a little.  Sleepy faces would smile up at me and ask me to read them a story.  We would pile in the soft blue rocker and read story after story.  I would make up different voices for different characters and the boys would chime in on parts they had memorized.  At least one of us would doze off for a little nap. 

After a little rest time, the noise and energy would pick up!  Off they would go playing a game or maybe even helping momma fix dinner.  It wouldn't be long and we would hear boots coming through the back door! 

"Dad's home!" Everyone would cheer.  It was a very exciting time of day.  Hubby would receive a "hero's welcome" home each day!  He would barely get those boots pulled off before he was involved in a mini basketball game or Nerf gun shoot out! 

After supper, baths, and bedtime stories, we would pray with our boys and tuck them in for the night.  Then we would stand in the doorway and watch them drift off to sleep, wondering what they would grow up to be.

In the blink of an eye, we are standing on the brink of their adulthood.  When did that happen?  Our Scientist is actually working on a degree to become a Scientist!  Crazy!  Our Engineer is starting to plan for college, thinking about where he wants to go and what he wants to major in when he gets there. Maybe Engineering? 

They are no longer thinking about what they want to be when they grow up, but are thinking about what they are going to be in the next few years

As the boys grew and changed, each stage they went through, I would enjoy just as much or even more than the one before.  I still feel that way.  It is a great blessing to have a front row seat in watching them grow, learn, and become. 

I still want to direct them more than they would like, but I am thankful that they continue to value what their dad and I have to say.  I know the time is coming super fast when they will be off on their own.  I'm sure I will have some mixed feelings about that stage...and yet...I can't help but feel excited for their future and what is to come for both of them.

Those adorable little OshKosh overalls are now replaced with those long lanky Levi's...

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