Tuesday, January 29, 2013

February's Quest

Looking at the calendar today, I realized we only have two days left on this January Quest!  Today I decided on my February Quests and I'm already looking forward to next month and the adventures that await us.  Are you trying this Heart & Spirit Quest with me?  Are you thinking about what you might tackle in February? 
Of course, January is not over yet and today I did accomplish my Quests.
This morning I headed downstairs to lift weights and walk two miles on the treadmill.   I have to say I'm really enjoying my new exercise set up.  I watched a little news, then read my favorite blog.  I really appreciate the effort Hubby put into fixing up that area for me.
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As I mentioned yesterday, our Engineer and I went to the dentist.  (No, I don't have a funny Brian Regan video about dentist visits, but wouldn't that be fun?)   During my regular cleaning, my fabulous hygienist and I discussed the fact that I don't floss.  I know....  Sadly, it's true, I really don't take the time to do that...ever. 

So, you know what I'm going to say, right?  Yes!  As part of my February Heart & Spirit Quests, I'm going to Floss Every Day.  I know that will not make for compelling blog posts, so don't worry, there's more.

I'm also going to continue to Exercise Every Day and I'll be taking it up a notch some days as I train for my very first 5K run.  I made a commitment to my niece...then posted it on Facebook...and now I'm even posting it here, so I cannot back out!  Hubby and I have done the "Couch 2 5K" training before, and what I learned from that was that I do not enjoy running. 

Last time we didn't quite make it to the end of the training, because...of a lot of silly reasons, but this time I'm posting it everywhere and I have a goal to actually run a 5K.  I am told it will be super fun as it is a Color Run where they spray you with colored edible chalk while you run.  It always looks like fun in the pictures my friends have posted, so I'm going to jump in and hopefully have fun with it.

The Color Run will not be until April, so I have plenty of time to train and become a runner.  Wish me luck.... I'm sure I'll be posting my progress as I begin this Quest in February.

Finally, I will be looking for an opportunity to Share Love Every Day.  I have some ideas of how I will accomplish this including doing acts of kindness/love for family, friends, or even strangers, or sharing some stories of love here on My Rosie Outlook blog.  My main idea with this Quest is to focus on LOVE for the month of February. 

I have already heard from a couple of readers about Quests they have planned for February and I am excited for them!  What about you?  What Adventure might you take next month?

And if you have any ideas for me of ways I can Share Love Every Day, please let me know.  I cherish your encouragement!


  1. Woohoo! Go Rosemary C25K! I am training for Whiskey Row so I'll have to ask you how the training's going now and then!

  2. Thanks D! Please keep me accountable!! This is WAY out of my comfort zone!


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