Wednesday, January 23, 2013

All the Feelings

We enjoyed a beautiful day here where the sun shone down and warmed us up just a bit.  Oh how I love a day with sunshine!
I ran errands and accomplished my January Quest goals for the day with a thankful heart for sunshine and good health.
This morning I felt tired and unmotivated when I got up, but with some encouragement from our Engineer, I headed downstairs, lifted my hand weights, and walked 2 miles on the treadmill.  Although I was a bit tired, I was pleased I was back on track to where I had been before I came down with the flu last week.
While on the treadmill, I texted with my bestie, the Gourmet Hostess, which kept me entertained while finishing up my walk. 
Later while thinking about what to write today, I decided I wanted to go with a lighter topic than yesterday, and that got me to thinking...
Write Something
Our family loves to latch onto phrases and claim them to use over and over.  They can be used to describe feelings, remember funny times, remind us of places we have lived, people we have known, and places we have visited. 

The amusing part is that as soon as any of us uses one of our favorite phrases, we are instantly reminded of the origin of that phrase and why it became special to us.  It's one of those fun little things our family does that I just love.

When we sent our Scientist off to college, he did not know a single person on that campus.  As you might imagine, this momma did a lot of praying over the people who would come into his life during his college years.  A lot of praying.

Thankfully, he has made some wonderful friends.  One of those friends has become extra special to him and us.  You may remember me mentioning before, his special girl, the Nurse.  She is a very sweet girl who has seen her fair share of tough stuff in her young life.  She has learned to maintain a wonderful Rosie Outlook despite it all. 
In our time of getting to know her through stories from our Scientist, phone calls, Facetime, and visits to campus, we have learned that she is a girly girl who is a fan of glitter, flowers, and our son.  What's not to like? 

She also understands the need for a good cry, a hearty laugh, a hand covered giggle or shout of excitement.  The girl is not afraid to show a little emotion.  I have to say...I like that.

The Nurse also happens to be the one to give our family one of our new favorite phrases "All the feelings".  At the time she introduced it to us, she used it to describe something that had touched her greatly.  We have come to love this phrase and use it...well...for a variety of feelings - good or bad. 

If you have been a regular reader of my blog, then you may have noticed that I am not afraid to run the full range of emotions, sometimes in one blog post.  Hubby likens my feelings to a roller coaster - there are ups, downs, twists, turns, sometimes running full speed ahead, sometimes slowly clicking along, sometimes going backward, or uneven upside down.  In a phrase - all the feelings.

So when you come to this blog, please just jump in, secure your safety bar, keep your hands and feet inside at all times during the ride, and enjoy...with All the Feelings!  And to insure you experience the most possible fun...don't try to jump out until this ride has come to a full and complete stop.

From the bottom of my heart, thanks for coming along for the ride!  And please, do come again!

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