Sunday, December 30, 2012

Thank You!

This is the last day of my Cherish Christmas Quest.  Looking back I am so grateful for all that I gained by taking this adventure.  It has been a very special Christmas filled with meaningful memories. 

Today I checked one last item off my Cherish Christmas list.  I wrote out some thank you notes and marked off my 35th idea.  After 30 days of focusing on cherishing Christmas, I found 35 ways to make it memorable. 

And this Quest was not just for me.  Hubby, our Scientist, and our Engineer are the greatest support team.  They have not only supported me in this new blogging adventure, but they have happily joined in on many of my cherish Christmas ideas throughout the month.  Yes, we have made some fantastic memories these past 30 days.

Write Thank You Notes for Christmas Gifts
There is no doubt I felt loved this Christmas.  So many thoughtful people in my life made an effort to show me how much they cared.  I did get some special Christmas gifts, but they weren't all things bought with money.  Although I most certainly appreciated the gifts that were, I was also given time, attention, kind words, encouragement, and even homemade goodies.  I am very grateful for every gift given to me this Christmas. 

Today I took some time to share with a few people how much their thoughtfulness touched me.  Each note was just a few sentences, but hopefully I conveyed how much I cherish what they did for me this year. 

And here's my thank you note to YOU:
Thank you sincerely for taking the time to read about my Quest.  Whether you read my posts every day or just check in occasionally, I value each reader.  Thank you especially to those who took the time to post a comment here on the blog, on My Rosie Outlook Facebook page or sent me an email.  You will never know how much it brightens my day to read your feedback on something I wrote.  It is such a gift - an encouragement to me - and I cherish it!

Tomorrow I will post about my next Heart & Spirit Monthly Quests: Exercising and Writing Everyday!  I am excited about my plans for January.  I hope you will continue to join me as I kick off my 2013 Year Long Adventure!

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