Monday, December 17, 2012

Taking a Step Back in Time

I didn't do anything new to check off of my list today, but that doesn't mean I didn't do things to cherish Christmas.  Today, I spent time Christmas shopping for others and I read my Christmas Devotionals. 

However, I have done a few things to celebrate Christmas on other days that I haven't mentioned yet, so I will share one of those with you today.  A few days ago, Hubby and I met up with my sister and brother-in-law to enjoy a Historic Christmas Festival (no, that wasn't on the list, but I'm counting it as check off #22). 

Attend a Historic Christmas Festival
One of the blessings of our current location is that we live near some of our family.  Several of our family members had been to this festival, but we had not had the opportunity to experience it ourselves.  So Sis and I made plans to meet there Friday evening. 

Of course, by now you know that Friday took a difficult turn in our country. 

We still went to the festival.  It was good to be with family, but I didn't have the heart to talk about our Christmas enjoyment in my blog post that night.

So today, I'll share a little of that experience with you. 
The air was chilled, but not cold.  We strolled through the beautifully decorated village while characters dressed in period costumes entertained the crowd.  Somewhere actual chestnuts were being roasted.   We enjoyed the music of carolers and drummers.  We saw people huddled around little fires toasting marshmallows.  Rumor had it Santa was somewhere nearby. Horse drawn carriages clomped up and down the streets with visitors enjoying the ride.  Little Christmas shops stuffed full of gifts, goodies, trinkets, baubles, and heavenly scents lined the brick paved streets.   Sis and I had a fun time looking for treasures in those little shops. 

Down one little cove, we found some life size Christmas statues.  Sis and I couldn't resist posing with the Caroling Family.  We thought Mom would enjoy the picture.   There we stood among the dad, mom, and little girl.  The little boy was missing - which made us giggle that maybe he was broken? (If you don't get that - you need to read this.)

Taking a step back in time and enjoying a little break from the news was soothing for my soul Friday night.  It was nice to be with my sister.  Did I mention she is a principal?  Yes, it was nice to be together and I cherished it.

Just 8 days until Christmas!

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