Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sunday Funday

I love Sundays.  It's always my favorite day of the week.  It's usually a slower paced day, a day to spend with family, a day to attend church, and a day to relax a little.

Since our Scientist is home for semester break, our little family was all together today.  We cherished time together as a family and I checked #21 off my list.

Spend Time with Family
Christmas is most definitely an opportunity to spend time with family.  In the coming days we will get to spend time with some of our extended family, but today was a day for just the four of us.

First we attended church where we sat together, sang Christmas songs, enjoyed beautiful choir, hand bell, and orchestra performances, and heard a wonderful message from the book of Luke on the Christmas Story. 

We enjoyed lunch, then loaded into the van for a drive to cash in those tickets I surprised the guys with yesterday.  We enjoyed a fantastic show with super funny comedian, Tim Hawkins.  We had never seen him in a live show and he did not disappoint us. We laughed all the way home. 

After the show, we stopped for pizza at a favorite pizza place.  The day was filled with lots of chatting and laughter.  It was just so good to be together and I most certainly cherished it.  I think we all did.

During the month of December, there are so many activities and events.  We find ourselves running from one thing to another at a hectic pace.  It was so nice to slow down a little today and really enjoy time together.

My hope is you will find time in the busy, hectic days ahead to slow down a little and enjoy some time with the ones you love.

Just 9 days until Christmas!

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