Saturday, December 8, 2012

Spoiler Alert!

Tonight I sat in our church with tears welling in my eyes as I watched new parents gently hold their tiny baby while a whole choir surrounded them singing of the birth of the newborn King. 

As you might have guessed, that means I checked idea #12 off my list - Attend a Christmas Show.

I also spent some time listening/singing along to Christmas songs while working on Christmas cards (no, I don't have those finished yet), and I enjoyed both Christmas devotionals I am reading this month.  As a matter of fact, right now I'm listening to Christmas music, sitting in the glow of our beautiful Christmas tree, while I write this. 

I am cherishing Christmas.

Attend a Christmas Show
I looked forward to tonight all day.  Our church does a Christmas program every year.  We attended last year's and it was really good.  There is acting and singing involved and everyone who participates does an outstanding job. 

All four of us have participated in church Christmas shows in the past as actors, narrators, and singers.  It's great fun to be a part of the show, but I also enjoy sitting in the audience taking it all in.
And tonight that's just what I did.

The show followed Jesus' story from birth to death to resurrection.  In the car ride home there were mixed reviews on whether the Christmas story should go all the way to the Easter story.  I liked it, but then again, I like stories that end happy, and of course, this one most certainly did.

As I mentioned a few days ago in a post, I have heard The Real Christmas Story many times in my life.  My dad has read it to me every year of my life.  I have read it every Christmas to my own children.  Each year I taught school, I read it to my students on Christmas party day.  I can tell the story to you in great detail from memory. You could say I really know this story. 

And yet there I was tonight with tears welling in my eyes as it played out before me. 

I am a very tenderhearted person and much to my embarrassment at times, I cry extremely easily.  But, even I don't cry every time I hear, read, or see The Christmas Story.

Tonight's performance touched me deeply.  I fought those tears back at the sight of the baby Jesus (played by a tiny real baby!), but as the adult Jesus walked past me carrying the cross over his blood stained shoulders, was hung on the cross with a crowd of people shaking their fists at him, and then placed in a tomb, those tears flowed down my face and I had to wipe them away.

Jesus went through that for me.  Jesus went through that for you.  He went through all of that for us

But...Spoiler Alert:  PRAISE GOD, that wasn't the end of the story!  Because, next a radiant Jesus walks among his people resurrected!  He tells his followers that their sins are forgiven!  He is the Savior!

It was at that moment that I realized I am truly cherishing Christmas this year.

Only 17 days to go...

Have a Blessed Christmas!

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