Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Oh I Hope They Send Us a Card Too!

It's Wednesday, and I've had these Christmas Cards sitting here from Shutterfly since Saturday...
So today finally became the day I checked off my list item #6 - Preparing Christmas Cards.  I also read Day 5 of each Devotional and I am most certainly enjoying both books.

Preparing Christmas Cards
Our Christmas Cards actually came a day later than expected.  All day on Friday and Saturday I kept going online and checking the Fed Ex Tracker. 

What was taking so long?  When would they get here? Don't they realize I want to work on them over the weekend?

Needless to say, I was super excited when that bright orange box finally arrived!  I rushed to open the box and pulled the first card out.  I looked it over, front to back - carefully reading every word and double checking each picture.  Happily relieved they turned out the way I had envisioned they would, I put the card back in the box

And there it has sat.  With the rest of them.  Since Saturday night.

Years ago, I only sent out store bought Christmas cards.  I signed each one by hand, addressed them, and popped them in the mail.  It didn't take long and our family Christmas cards were done.

The year we moved 1100 miles away from home, I added the "Christmas Letter".  I decided that would be a much easier way to update everyone on what was going on with us.  A few years came and went, and I began including a Christmas picture of either the kids or the whole family.

As the years went on, I changed it up a bit.  One year I wrote a Year in Review, another year I did a newsletter type letter.  Somewhere in there, I even made my own cards with a family photo - scrapbook style.   For a few years I did a letter/photo combo by bordering the letter with family photos from throughout year.  More recently, I went to the 5x7 glossy family photo collage accompanied by a half page of family highlights.  Preparing Christmas cards had become a several step process that took at least a week or two to complete.

Last year, I decided to make it a little easier on myself.  I went online and put together our cards digitally - complete with photos, family highlights, and even our names signed at the bottom. 

I let Shutterfly do all the work printing and folding.  Well...ok, I paid them to do it, but they did it, nonetheless.  {Money well spent I might add.}

I can't even tell you how much easier and more doable getting Christmas cards mailed out is now....  When I finally take them out of the box, address them, and send them on their way.
Why do I put such effort into Christmas cards?  Because it's a way we stay in touch, it's a way to say "your family is so important to our family that I took the time to put together and send you a card", and sincerely our wish is they will have a very Merry Christmas and a wonderfully blessed New Year. 
It's not just a card.  It's not just words.  It's a connection to the people we care about - even if it's just once a year. Today, as I wrote out each family name and address on each card.  I thought about that family and why they are important to us.  
Today I cherished the people on our Christmas card list. 

How about you?  With the connections of Email, Twitter, Facebook, etc. do you send out Christmas cards anymore?
In my Christmas devotions, I was reminded that He who came as a tiny baby in a manager so long ago is the same King of Kings and Lord of Lords that offers salvation to the lost today. 

Jesus and His love for us never changes.  Never.

Only 20 days....

Have a Blessed Christmas!

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