Monday, December 10, 2012

Not What I Was Expecting...

Today the Engineer and I ventured out to spread a little Christmas cheer.  First we took hot chocolate to a Salvation Army Bell Ringer (#14 checked off my list), then we paid for a stranger's lunch (#15 checked off). 

Take Hot Chocolate to a Salvation Army Bell Ringer
Our unusually "warm" weather turned much cooler today and the wind was blowing - which made it feel even colder.  The Engineer and I bundled up and headed out to pick up some groceries. 

We decided as we pulled into the parking lot that today was a great opportunity to take some hot chocolate to a Bell Ringer.  Not only is there always a Bell Ringer at our local grocery store, but just inside the store there is a little coffee shop that sells hot chocolate.  And, baby, it was cold outside!

After filling our cart with the items from my list, the Engineer headed over to the coffee shop, and I lined up to pay for our groceries.  When we met back up, we stepped through the door, and a cold blast hit us in the face.  It had gotten even colder in the short time we were in the store! 

The Engineer handed the Bell Ringer the steaming cup, told him it was hot chocolate for him, and wished him a Merry Christmas.  I dropped a donation into the kettle.  The man gratefully wished us God's Blessings and a Merry Christmas. 

As we walked toward our car, the Engineer looked over at me and smiled.  While trying to bless another, we were also feeling blessed.

Pay For the Person's Order Behind Us in the Drive-Thru
After getting our groceries, our lunch hour was almost over, and we hadn't eaten lunch yet.  The Engineer picked a fast food place on our way home and I pulled in and placed our order. 

We decided this would be another great opportunity to bless someone.  After paying for our meal, I asked to pay for the person behind us.  Our server seemed a bit confused by my request, but gave me the total, and took my money.  I wished her a Merry Christmas, and drove off. 

As we drove home, I looked over at the Engineer.  I saw a thoughtful smile on his face.  He was taking this all in today.  We talked about the lady that had been behind us and wondered what her reaction was when she found out her bill was already paid.  We giggled over the fun of what we had just done. 

My goal today was to do a little something kind for someone I didn't even know, but in the end, I watched my teenager, someone I know and love dearly, receive a blessing as well.

I expected this Cherish Christmas Quest would make Christmas more fun, but 10 days into it, the biggest result of this adventure has been how much more meaningful Christmas is to me this year.  I feel like I am focusing on what really matters - on what really makes Christmas special - and the blessing from that is humbling.

From one of my Christmas devotions today:

"Lord Almighty, blessed is the one who trusts in you."  ~ Psalm 84:12

Only 15 days...

Have a Blessed Christmas!

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