Sunday, December 9, 2012

Do You Recall the Most Famous Reindeer of All?

We did not meet Rudolph tonight, but we did see a REAL LIVE REINDEER!  And as if that experience wasn't awesome enough - it was at Dairy Queen! 

Oh yes, that was definitely a Cherish Christmas moment! 
And even though that was not on my list, (because really - who would have thought I would see a REAL LIVE REINDEER in Midwest America?) it still counts as my 13th check off in cherishing Christmas.

A couple days ago, the Engineer and I were driving through downtown when we saw the flashing sign at Dairy Queen: "Live Reindeer HERE on Sunday".  Well, that's all we needed to know!  We decided right then that we would be back on Sunday.

So, when I told Hubby about it, he just smiled.  He knew the combination of seeing a REAL LIVE REINDEER and it being at Dairy Queen was something we had to do.

It is currently unusually "warm" for this area this time of year. (I use quotes because 48 degrees is not warm to me).  Even though it wasn't that cold out, I still bundled up in a warm coat, my fuzzy boots, a scarf, and gloves.  I thought it would just feel a little more like Christmas bundled up and we were going to be eating ice cream!  Hubby, the Engineer, and I hopped into the car.

As we drove up to the restaurant, we first saw Santa (oh yeah - he was there too!), but there was a bit of a crowd, so we couldn't see the reindeer yet.  We ordered our treats - I got my favorite: a Turtle Pecan Blizzard with banana.  As we came around the corner, there it was - a REAL LIVE REINDEER!

Hubby was expecting it to be a bit bigger, the Engineer thought it "was really cool" and I was surprised by how long it's hair was.  Our reindeer was white with dark spots and huge antlers.  It was standing calmly right next to Santa.  There were children all around it, but it didn't seem to mind.  I marveled at this amazing creature.

In my Christmas devotion, Max Lucado said this: "Sometimes God is so touched by what he sees that he gives us what we need and not simply that for which we ask."

Today, I got to cherish Christmas in a totally unexpected way.  

Only 16 days to go...

Have a Blessed Christmas! 

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