Sunday, December 23, 2012

Let's Catch Up!

Arg!  It's after midnight, and I had planned to post this Saturday, December 22, 2012. 
So let's just pretend I made it before midnight!
Did you miss me?  I missed writing to you! 
Friday was a very busy day and I really didn't have a chance to get to my computer and chat with you.  However, I did check #27 off my Cherish Christmas list when I delivered homemade goodies to our neighbors.  I also checked off #28 when I gave a treat to the lady at the Post Office. 
Saturday was filled with time with our extended family.  Many of Mom's side gathered together to celebrate Christmas, and I checked yet another item off my list (#29) when we opened presents with family.
Deliver Homemade Goodies to Our Neighbors
Due to Hubby's job, we have lived in several different places throughout our married life.  For most of that time, we have lived far away from family.  We have been so thankful for all the wonderful neighbors we have known. 
Each place we have lived, our lives have been blessed by such good neighbors and that has meant so much to us!   Our neighbors next door moved in the same week we did.  They have reached out to us and helped us out with our two Puppies.  I was happy to be able to take them a bag of cookies and candies and thank them for all that have done for us this past year.  It is a comfort to know they are next door.
On a fun note, a short time later our doorbell rang and there stood a man with a beautiful flower arrangement from our former neighbors who lived next door to us at our last place.  It touched me so much when I read the card and it said how much they missed us!  Yes, we cherish our neighbors.
Give a Treat to A Post Office Worker
Ok, I'll admit it, I took packages to the Post Office on Friday.  Yep...Friday.
I don't think I have ever gotten Christmas packages out so late before.  It's a bit embarrassing....but, it is true. 
Hubby went with me to help carry the four boxes we needed to mail and I think he knew that I was in need of some moral support - and I was.  
The Post Office is (of course) crazy busy just a few days before Christmas and we braced ourselves for a long line and short tempers.  Thankfully we didn't find either.  One of the cool little unexpected positives about living here is that our Post Office is the best, most efficient, and most friendly I have ever known.  The workers there always seem genuinely happy and interested in doing whatever they can to help their customers. 
I was pleasantly surprised to find it was the same upbeat atmosphere as usual on that busy Friday afternoon.  The lady helping us with our packages was so kind, I really wanted to show her my appreciation.  Then I remembered I had an extra Starbucks Gift Card in my purse.  While she finished up the postage on our packages, I dug around in my purse and found the card. 

After we finished our transaction, I wished her a Merry Christmas and handed her the gift card.  She was so surprised!  It was fun to reward her for her good attitude and effort.  I love being able to do that!  As we walked out Hubby noted how much I enjoy doing things like that.  And I do.
Open Presents with Family
I come from a large extended family.  My childhood was filled with close family time.  I have wonderful memories of spending time together every Sunday at church, gathering on the holidays and special occasions, camping, picnicking, and just spending time together.  There would always be a table full of delicious homemade food, laughter, game playing, story telling, and music.  Grandpa would play his harmonica or mouth harp, Mom and my Aunts would take turns playing the piano, and we would gather around singing song after song. 

Now as many years have passed, the cousins are all grown up with children of their own.  Our family has grown ever bigger with marriages and new babies.  Grandma and Grandpa have both gone on to their reward in Heaven, and they are greatly missed.  However, their spirit lives on as we gather together, laugh over old memories and continue some of the traditions they began with their little family of six all those years ago. 

Saturday we enjoyed a bountiful breakfast, sang, laughed, and yes, we even opened presents.   It was the type of celebration where you leave with a little smile on your face, thankful you got to be there.  As we drove home from our time opening presents with family, I cherished this Christmas Get-Together Day.

Just a couple days until Christmas!

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