Sunday, November 25, 2012

True Blue Honesty

Sometimes a Rosie Outlook can turn a little blue.  Although I do try to live life in a positive way, there have been days, that have turned into months, that have turned into years where I have struggled to maintain my Rosie glow.

Honestly, I am coming out of one of those times right now.  Struggling to break free from the blue hue prompted me to begin this Blogging and Quest Adventure.  I won't bore you with all the mundane details that clouded my outlook, but let's just say I haven't been exactly where I have wanted to be for awhile. 

You see, I was living the sunshine and happiness...with real palm trees blowing in the breeze...when God literally moved our family.  Although there were several great advantages to our new location, it really wasn't where I wanted to be. 

And I truly thought I had some good reasons for wanting to live elsewhere. 

But God had a different plan. 

For nearly 15 months it has been a daily battle with me.  I wake up determined to have a better attitude, but somewhere in the day I lose my resolve and just want to curl up in my hug chair and pout. 

Wow.  There.  I said it out loud.  And it wasn't easy.  Sometimes the truth isn't. 

It's time for me to stop looking back. (I mean really, at this point I should be a pillar of salt!)

So here I am... ready to make some much needed positive changes.  I'm going to put on my Rosie shaded glasses and enjoy living in God's Will. 

I am working on my ideas for my Cherish Christmas Quest for December. The Adventure is about to begin and I am getting excited.  Are you ready for an adventure?   Grab your Rosie shaded glasses and join me!

Have a Blessed Day!


  1. I love it. That is the first step. xoxo SG.

  2. Thanks for always walking with me SG!


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