Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Heart & Spirit Monthly Quest IDEAS!

After some research, some chatting, and some thinking - I have a list of ideas for the Heart & Spirit Monthly Quest.  I haven't decided which ones I will do in the coming year, but first up for me will be a Cherish Christmas Quest for December.  Here are some other ideas to do each day for a month:

*Memorize a Bible Verse
*Take a Picture
*Read or Write a Biblical Devotional
*Write or Call a Friend you haven't contacted in awhile
*Do a Scrapbook Page or Two
*Exercise (30 minutes a day?)
*Follow a Diet (make a 30 day plan)
*Read Something (Chapter, Article, etc)
*Use Slowcooker, or Cook, or Bake
*Write a Paragraph, Story, or Book
*Encourage Someone
*Do a Random Act of Kindness or Good Deed
*Pray for others (make a list of 30?)
*Organize or Clean (house, desk, garage, basement, closets, etc.)
*Create Craft Items
*Sew or Knit
*Give up Something or Let Go of a Bad Habit
*Give up TV, Video Games, or Something that is a Time Waster
*Get up Early & Add some Quiet Time to your Life
*Go to Bed Early and Get Some Rest
*Give Something Away or Get Rid of Something you no longer Use or Need
*Be positive (for a whole month about EVERYTHING)
*Try Something New
*Learn a New Skill
*Face a Fear
*Try a New Recipe
*Draw Something
*Watch a Movie or Documentary
*Write in a Journal

There are even more ideas if you do a Google search online!  Have you thought of something you would like to do? Please share your ideas!

Have a Blessed Day!

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